How to Bypass USA Wechat Ban

USA Wechat Ban

President Donald Trump has declared that WeChat is going to be banned in the United States about a week ago. We will tell you how to bypass the USA Wechat ban on this page for you. Many businessmen in the US would like to keep in touch with their partners and clients in China. There are also many Asian and American individuals which keep using Wechat to contacting their relatives in China. WeChat is the only popular way to contact people from China. However, after Trump’s ban for Wechat, the situation will change for the United States. I recommend you to see our article about contacting people from China after the Wechat ban. We provide some alternative application opportunities for you.

Bypass USA Wechat Ban

There are various ways to bypass USA Wechat ban… You will need to follow these instructions to get rid of the ban.

Use App Store of Canada

Use App Store of Canada

You will need to get a new Apple ID for this step. You can go to Apple’s official website and register there. However, you will need to select your location as Canada while you are getting your ID. After this step, you will need to log out from your Apple ID and replace it with the new one that you get for Canada. Then go to App Store and install Wechat on your phone. This will help you to avoid the ban. You will able to use the application once more and you will able to update the application.

Use Proxy Service On Your Phone to Bypass USA Wechat Ban


Do it at your own risk.  – Read the reason below.

It is a little bit unknown how USA ban WeChat from the country. However, if they use their service provides for this issue, it means that all Wechat IPs will be banned from the whole country and whole Americans won’t able to connect to the application nor use it through normal ways. But still… There are ways to bypass IP bans like this. One of those services is proxies. However, you will need to do it at your own risk as we have stated above. It is because Wechat always wants to know your exact location. We have seen that people even got banned because of visiting foreign countries at times. So proxy is going to do the same thing. If you have this problem, Wechat friend verification process is going to be too hard for you. This is a long and cruel process. Maybe you won’t able to de-activate your account once more.

Proxy services are one of the good ways to bypass the USA ban WeChat. However, this will be less risky them an ordinary VPN application. While proxies generally using dedicated IPs, VPNs are using IPs which keeps the change.

Use VPN Service to Unblock WeChat

Use VPN Service On Your Phone to Bypass USA Wechat Ban

Do it at your own risk.

VPN services are always an effective way to unblock Wechat but more dangerous than other steps we told above. It is because IPs that you will use with VPNs will keep the change. Unfortunately, most of the VPNs don’t provide stable services in that case. We still provided a list of VPNs that will provide a secure connection for you. You can check our list to see the best opportunities for unban WeChat. You can download these applications from AppStore.

So as we have already told you above, you should do it at your own risk if you don’t prefer to connect Wechat in secure ways. If you face this problem, your Wechat account will be blocked because of suspicious behavior.

When will Wechat Ban Begin in the United States?

The ban decision was immediate after Trump’s declaration. However soon after that, an American lawsuit decided to delay the decision for a month. So the ban will take place a month later. We recommend you to contact your relatives or business partners before the ban and look for an alternative way to contact them. Otherwise, you will hardly contact them through cheap ways like Wechat or WhatsApp.

Are WhatsApp and Facebook Banned in China?

Unfortunately, all messenger or communication applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, and Telegram are banned in China. You won’t able to use these services to communicate with people. However, there are still some good messenger applications that you can use. You can use them to talk to people. However, these apps won’t offer too much for those who are using WeChat for business.

USA Wechat ban will affect more than 100000 business in the states. President Trump has took the decision to cut financial relations with China and he also told that it will be a good answer to the block of Google, Facebook, WhatsApp in China. China tends to block all communication applications that they can’t control. Many social applications like Wechat supported by Chinese government.

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