Unlock Request Failed on WeChat

We got a question from one of users recently and she has faced fail error while she was trying to unlock her account. We are going to mention about solutions if your unlock request failed on WeChat. You will find some information about how to get rid of this problem on here. We hope that this is going to be useful for you.

Question: Hi. My wechat account was blocked saying there was a report of suspicious act and non compliance. I don’t know how it happened because I knew I didn’t do any act. The application has told me that I should unblock my own account. I followed all steps on how to unlock but my request failed. Can you help me on how to do it easily or is it possible that WeChat team unlock it for me..? Please help. I really enjoyed this app
Operating System:  Android
Application Name:  Wechat
Device Brand:  Samsung
Tags:  Unlock WeChat, Suspicious Act on WeChat


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Unlock Request Failed on WeChat! What to Do?

Hello! Thank you for the question and welcome to How to Chat Online. Unfortunately you don’t need to do something special to get this error. Most of our users are already have similar problems with the application and unfortunately WeChat is losing many potential users. I agree that the application is very good with enjoy with it. You will need to contact to WeChat team directly for this issue. Otherwise you will not able to fix an account issue with external solutions and ideas. Re-installation or deleting cache and data is not option to fix it. If your unlock request failed on WeChat, you have nothing to do but get in touch with WeChat but it is unknown that when they will respond your question.

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Unlock Request Failed on WeChat

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