Unable to Reactivate Wechat Account

Hello guys, I am Marek… We got a question from one of our visitors recently about WeChat. I am going to answer her question on here and I hope I will able to help her about the situation. The question is about reactivating the WeChat account. It is the same problem with friend verification system of WeChat but our visitor has more complicated issues with that. You can see the exact question below…

Question Hello, I have been trying to reactivate my wechat account that I have not used for some time. I am not able to get a contact in Denmark to help me because their accounts are not connected to Wechat Wallet, and I am not able to get help from a contact in China, because I get the message that it should be a person with a phone number in the same area as where I first made the account. I am not able to make a new account because the first one is attached to my phone number. So I cannot get Wechat to work again on my phone. Can you help me what to do?
Operating System iOS
Application/Website Name WeChat
Device Brand iPhone
Tags Unable to reactivate Wechat account

I removed your sensitive data for your privacy. ;)

Unable to Reactivate Wechat Account

Firstly, I am very sorry for you are dealing with this trouble. However you are not alone, we are getting maybe 20 questions in a day for similar situation. I recommend you to not to try installing, re-installing, removing, trying to get the application with other ways, since this is an account issue. Some guides are telling that re-installation (or some codes or tricks) work but it is not… Why it doesn’t work? Because your “phone number” has been suspended because inactivity. Since the case is completely about phone number, any fixing attempt won’t work with that number.

Unfortunately, only WeChat can help you about this situation. We have heard some people can get early responses. But also some of them never get responses from the support. One of our staff experienced the same issue but she got a response about 30 days later: https://www.howtochatonline.net/boards/wechat-support/friend-verification/#post-209

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You can still give a try that though.

How to Contact WeChat to Reactivate WeChat Account

  • Visit this page.
  • Select Your Platform as iOS
  • Choose your country in the region section.
  • Select Unable to Login in categories and then select Account Blocked at the next field.
  • Please write a detailed information on your problem to the description.
  • Provide your contact details and submit the form.

This is all you need to do for contact WeChat. I am not sure when they will contact you back but I hope that will be very soon and unfortunately this is the only fix of your problem at the moment.

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