Unable to Access People Nearby Error on WeChat

WeChat people nearby is one of the most annoying error which couldn’t solved about almost 4 years by WeChat developers. It is already one of known bugs about the application. We got a question from one of our visitors recently and he told us he is getting unable to access people nearby error on WeChat. We are going to answer his question here. You can see the exact question below. Firstly we should remind you that it is a bug which couldn’t fixed for years and there is not any 100% working fix of this.

Question I have uninstall WeChat and clear data and install again. I still cannot use people nearby. Its says that “unable to access people nearby“. I feel weird because another WeChat account on same phone, I can use people nearby and shake without any problem. Please help me what’s wrong with my first account.
Operating System Android 7.0
Application/Website Name Wechat
Device Brand Samsung j7 pro
Tags WeChat Nearby, WeChat Unable to Access People Nearby

Unable to Access People Nearby Error on WeChat


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Firstly thank you for being informative in your question. This problem couldn’t fixed for years and we get many questions about this problem. I believe finally we will end up with making a deep scientific research about this issue soon.

You are correct about what you told in your question. Unable to access people nearby error doesn’t generally occur because of the phone. This is something related with your account or your GSM company. This problem generally occurs in those countries: South Africa, United States of America, Malaysia and Indonesia. Somehow nearby feature is very problematic in those countries.

How to Fix?

Firstly, I recommend you to change alias name on WeChat first. If you haven’t set an ID, please change your current WeChat ID. You can see how to do it below.

Change ID and Name

1-) Run WeChat on your Android Phone.

2-) Tap on “Me” button at the main screen of WeChat.

3-) Tap on your account name on the new page.

4-) Tap on Name on WeChat Profile page.

5-) Change your name on WeChat.

6-) Now go back to My profile page and tap on WeChat ID.

7-) Change your WeChat ID. Don’t forget that, you can do it once.

Change Your Connection Network

Change your connection network and see if it is working on wifi or mobile connection. If it is working on wifi, it means there is a problem with mobile network. You can ask for assist from your service provider for this issue.

Allow WeChat to Access Your Location

Have you allowed WeChat to access your location? If you can’t remember or if you haven’t allowed, you will need to do that.

1-) Run Apps.

2-) Tap on Settings on the Apps page.

3-) Tap on Apps in settings page this time.

4-) Find WeChat from application list and tap on that.

5-) You will see Permission sections on the page. Tap on that.

6-) Enable Location from the permissions.

You can also check rest of solutions for WeChat Nearby problem on our guide. You will find more steps to do for fixing unable to access people nearby error.

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2 thoughts on “Unable to Access People Nearby Error on WeChat

  • January 20, 2019 at 7:29 am

    You are not allowed to change the ID once you have set it up.

  • December 4, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    Problem people nearby.. when i people nearby nobody cannot see me.


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