“Too many operations, try again later” Error on WeChat

WeChat is one of those messenger apps which has too much strict rules. We have mentioned most of those problems on here in the past. Now, we got a question from one of our visitors since he is facing a SMS code problem. We have provided some solutions for some situations which is related with verification code in the past. However “too many operations” problem on WeChat is something that you can’t deal with. We are going to provide more information on this error in this page and we will tell you what to do for resolve the problem.

“Too many operations, try again later” Error

Some WeChat users are getting this error while they are trying to register to their phone to the systems of WeChat. This problem is generally occurring because of too much verification code requests. The verification code requests are limited with 5 in a day. If you request more than five, you will start to receive “too many operations” error on the application. This problem cannot be resolved through reinstalling WeChat or changing some settings. The problem is related with your phone number. Since you can’t change your phone number, there is not any technical way to resolve this issue.

How to Fix This Error on WeChat

You will need to wait 24 hours for requesting a new SMS code if you are getting “too many operations” error on WeChat. You are getting this error because you have asked verification code more than 5 times on the app. Before requesting WeChat verification code again, you will need to call to your service provider and ask them if your service doesn’t get SMS from China.

Some service providers has blocked to phone numbers to China since there were too much security problems with those phone numbers recently. Also you will want to ensure that your phone is allowed to get SMS from abroad.

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