This Mobile is Registered with a Wechat Account This Month

If you are getting “This mobile is registered with a wechat account this month and cannot be registered repeatedly.” error on your phone while you try to register an account, it means your mobile phone number already has an account or you are having a bug. Sometimes those users who are having trouble with friend verification, trying to have an account over and over. If you are also one of those, you can face with the same error. If you are getting friend verify problem on your phone, that doesn’t mean that your account haven’t created. Your account has created but you can’t use it since it is blocked.

Why Are You Getting This Error

There can be three reasons of this…

  • You have already created an account but you forgot about it.
  • It is a possible bug.
  • Your account created but it is blocked by WeChat.

Created an account but forgot about it

If you have created an account before but if you also forgot all details about it, you will need to recover your account. If you have created your account long time ago, it is highly likely that you will face with a blocked account. You will already get a notification as your account has blocked due to prolonged inactivity.


If this is a bug, you will need to contact WeChat support about this. We also recommend you to delete data of the application and also reinstall WeChat. Deleting data and caches sometimes help you if there is any corrupted file on your application. Reinstallation also help you about those issues.

Account blocked by WeChat

Please see: How to Unblock WeChat Account

This Mobile is Registered with a Wechat Account This Month

We have told you how to fix This mobile is registered with a wechat account this month error on this page. If you would like to leave a feedback for this tutorial, please let us know. We will try respond you as soon possible.

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