Can you Sign Up Wechat with Email Address?

This question has been asked one of our users and he wants to know that if he can sign up WeChat with an email address… WeChat became one of the most popular applications and we understand that people are looking for alternative ways to register to this application. Especially registration can be a really pain on the app. Since sign up process is very hard, the application is losing many users. However it seems developers won’t step back at all with current security and registration system. Also See: WeChat Friend Confirmation

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Can you Sign Up Wechat with Email Address?

Unfortunately, you can’t sign up WeChat with email address. You certainly need a phone number for this. WeChat was accepting email and Facebook registrations in the past but it is not working like that now. The only way to having a WeChat account is signing up with a phone number.

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There is not any alternative way to get an account at the moment. However if situation changes, we are going to update this page and will provide the recent news about the application.

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How to Sign Up WeChat without an Email Address

You don’t already need to have an email address. Just install Wechat from Play Store or App Store. Run the application on your device. Enter your phone number to get a verification code. Enter the code to the verification field and get your account.  That’s all. If you don’t want to use your phone numbers, you can still give a try to virtual phone numbers.

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