How to Register an Account to WeChat

WeChat is a famous application on whole around the world. You can find information on how to register an account on Android and iOS in this page. You will see the registration to the application step by step and you will able to get your account immediately. We will also provide other error guidelines for you which you may face during the registration. If you have any questions related with this issue, you can let us know. Our experienced staff is going to respond you as soon as possible.

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How to Register an Account to WeChat

You can register an account to WeChat with following ways:

  • Run App Store or Play Store applications on your phone or tablet.
  • Download WeChat from the store and install it to your device.
  • Run the application and begin registration process.
  • Select a country of your GSM card. (Eg: +1=USA)
  • Enter your phone number without 0 at the beginning.
  • Tap on continue to get verification code with SMS.
  • After you get the code, enter it to the verification field.
  • Wait for system to complete security check in.

You are done! You completed to all registration steps for getting a WeChat account.

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Errors That You can Face at Registration Process

You can face with these errors while register an account to WeChat:

  • Verification code error.
  • Cannot receive verification code problem.
  • Friend confirmation problem.
  • Phone number in use problem.

Verification Code Error: This error generally occurs because of a bug or a personal mistake of you. We recommend you to reinstall the application if you think that it is a bug. However you will need to double check if this is a normal error. See: WeChat Verification Code Doesn’t Work

Cannot receive verification code: If you cannot receive verification code from WeChat, you will need to contact to the staff.

Friend confirmation: If you ever need a friend confirmation, it means WeChat is suspicious about your registration. You will need to verify your account with another WeChat user.

Phone number in use: This is another problem that you can face if you are using a second hand phone number.

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