People Can’t See Me on WeChat Nearby

You can see people who is located nearby of you on the feature but people can’t see you on WeChat Nearby?  If you are facing with this problem, there can be a few reasons of that. The problem occurs highly likely that because of your network settings on your mobile device. We are going to tell you how to fix this problem on here. People will able to see you on nearby with our tips. If you can’t fix the problem, you can contact support and request support for your problem. These are the ways that you can find solutions if people can’t see you nearby on WeChat. If you can’t see people on WeChat, we have also guideline for fixing this trouble.

How to Fix WeChat Nearby Problem When People Can’t See You

You can see the following solutions to fix WeChat Nearby problem:

  • We recommend you to start with changing your network. Try connect Wifi or GSM connection and double check your visibility in nearby chat.
  • If changing network, didn’t fix your problem, we recommend you to check permission of the application. Do you allow application to get your location data? If you didn’t, please enable this option because it won’t allow some important features to work. Check GPS location options on your device.
  • You can give a try to change your access point settings because your problem can be related with this feature. Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Points Change settings, if you can and try reconnect WeChat Nearby.
  • You need to have alias name (Wechat name) if you want people to see you on nearby chat. If you haven’t set a name for yourself yet, please do it. After you set a WeChat name for yourself, try reconnect Nearby 10 minutes later.
  • Close nearby chat first. Go Settings > Location and Security > Use GPS Satellites and enable this feature on your phone. Clear your location cache and history from your phone. Restart your phone. Run Wechat and join nearby chat 10 minutes later.
  • Try reinstall WeChat to your phone.
  • If all steps didn’t work for you, you will need to contact developers.

If nearby chat doesn’t work, you can get information on How to Chat Online about how to fix this error. You have any questions? Feel free to leave comment this page.

Questions and Answers

You can find some user questions and our staff answers below at the following paragraphs. You can ask us through commenting this page and get answers to your questions. We don’t collect mail addresses of our users and we don’t mail them because of new GDPR terms. After you ask your question, we recommend you to check this page.

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I can See But Others can not See Me on People Nearby!


When I tried logging in using my boyfriend’s account on my phone, his worked flawlessly! But whenever I try with mine, my boyfriend nor my friends can see me on People Nearby. Please help!


Welcome to How to Chat Online Questions and Answers service. Unfortunately WeChat Nearby is a common problem of users of the application and we are getting many similar questions on here about this feature of the application. We have several guidelines on this problem on How to Chat Online. You can start with all steps above and please look at following questions below.

You can take a look at these resources. If all these sources did not help you, you will need a technical help about this from WeChat staff. However do not expect a response from them soon.

WeChat People Nearby Does Not Work on iPhone 6S


Tried all the methods specified on your help page, but it hasn’t solved my problem yet! I have created my wechat account recently and have tried using People Nearby function (currently in South Korea). I can see others, but for some reason, others can’t see me. Know this because when I tried using my girlfriend’s account, I am not visible on Nearby result. I know that it is not a phone-specific issue since when I tried logging in with my girlfriend’s account and tried using Nearby function, I can see my girlfriend’s account on the Nearby result. It is only when I try using my account, it doesn’t work. Please help!


Thanks for the question and welcome to How to Chat Online. We generally got questions for Android for nearby of WeChat. I was actually thinking this is only a problem related with Android. We have provided several information on WeChat People Nearby problem in the past. (Yes, this problem is almost common for everyone and we get several questions for this feature everyday. Unfortunately we cannot answer them all.) Yes, the current problem with nearby feature is not about phone. We believe it is related with the account you use (also servers of WeChat). Unfortunately we couldn’t work on current issue yet. Please see all questions and solutions we have provided below, if you already checked them all, you will need a technical help from WeChat staff…

There are more solutions on HCO, however if you have set up your GPS, changed your alias and made other changes in your phone, it means you have tried best ways to fix this problem. You will need to get a technical help from staff. However there are much complaints about WeChat’s customer service because they are a little bit slow.

Get in Touch with Devs for WeChat Nearby

You will need to do following contact to staff about your issue:

  • Click here to go to WeChat support.
  • Select platform as “iOS”.
  • Select your country as “South Korea” or only “South” from the list. (South Korea’s name only appeared as “South” to me in the list.)
  • Select “Broken Feature in the category and then select “People Nearby”.
  • Please describe your problem in the description section. (If you are using a foreign phone number in Korea, please also give information on that)
  • You will see an “Upload Screenshot” text under description section. If you can provide a screenshot about the problem, that will be quite helpful for WeChat staff.
  • Finally type your email address.
  • Select one of those preferred contact types and submit the form.

People Cannot Find Me on People Nearby on Wechat

Question: I try anything install reinstall but still people cannot find me on people nearby on wechat, that is really confusing and I don’t know what to do even I already create new account for make this happen and still not work We chat had such things like this how to solve it ?

Answer: Thank you for contacting HowtoChatOnline support. Since you have asked a question through comments, we have published your question on here. WeChat Nearby feature is the most problematic feature of the application. We get several complaints about these feature of the application from people different countries of the world. We have also tested nearby feature of the application several times.

Some of solutions we have provided on How to Chat Online was just basic ways to get rid of the problem. It helped some people and it didn’t help some of you. However there is a serious technical issues with the nearby feature of the application for years.

We have started to represent the application in our websites about 5 years ago (In HCO may be 2-3), there was always this problem with the nearby feature of the app. Developers didn’t solve the problem for ages because high percentage of users don’t get the same error. If you couldn’t resolve the problem with our steps, you will need to contact support.
You can click here to learn how to contact to staff but don’t expect much.

WeChat Look Around Issue


I can see people on WeChat Look Around but people can’t see me on this feature. How to fix this issue, any solution?


Thanks for contacting How to Chat Online Q&A service. This problem can occur because of many reasons. I am going to tell you all of these reasons here and will tell you solutions. We hope these solutions will help you to fix WeChat nearby problem. We hope you are using Android, I am going to tell solutions for Android for now. However you can use similar steps at other OS.

Please close WeChat Application before you do these steps and run it for testing every steps.

Solution for WeChat Look Around Issue

  • Sometimes this problem may occur because of the network that you use because of some reasons. Take a look at your Network Access Points settings through: Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Points
    Change settings, if you can and try reconnect the app.
  • You also need to have an alias (displayname / nickname) for chatting with people at Look Around feature. If you haven’t set one, just do it or change your current alias on the app. After you did it, try connect application after 10 minutes.
  • Go to  Settings > Location and Security > Use GPS Satellites
    Please tick Use GPS Satellites and restart your phone again.
  • Generally this fixes problems at many apps: Remove your data, clear your location cache, history and data from the phone. Restart your phone and run Wechat Nearby on your device.
  • Finally try reinstall WeChat application.

Why People Can’t See Me WeChat Narby on iPhone 8?


I have question why people can’t see me in people nearby? Checked with my friend phone. I am using iPhone 8 and iOS operating system.


Thank you for the question. Unfortunately this problem occurs because of a bug or a technical error related with GSM operators. People who are living outside of China can face with this problem.

There are also many other similar questions which has been asked by our users. This problem is existing about 4-5 years and WeChat haven’t fixed that yet. We recommend you to contact to the staff about that but they are not responding issues about this issue very fast. You can see “How to Contact Support” article to get more information. Also you can try fixes which we have provided above. If they didn’t help you, you will need to wait for response of the application developers.

My Profile is not Visible on People Nearby


I have 2 cellphones (Chrome and Huawei) and both are not visible to people nearby. I have sent countless messages to WeChat but no response from them. Please assist.


Thank you for the question and I am sad to hear that our solutions didn’t help you about the issue. Unfortunately you don’t have to do much since this is a known bug of WeChat. Reinstalling the application a few times can help you about the situation. However you will need to wait for response of the developers for this problem.

We believe that users who are living outside of China having this problem and unfortunately developers couldn’t fix this problem about almost 5-6 years. It seems people are going to have the same problem at incoming years too. Especially people from Malaysia, Canada, USA and South Africa having this problem since we are generally getting similar questions from those countries. Unfortunately this is a technical problem with the app. Some of or users manage to resolve this problem with our solutions but I should admit that everyone don’t get good results with those solutions everytime.

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  1. My ID is not appearing on people nearby after I change to VIVO. I was using Samsung and it was working properly before the current phone… And also i open new acc at my ip6… Not working, but before this, it was working… ??

  2. Hi. I am able to see people nearby, but my friends could not see me in their nearby list. It used to work, but now it seems like the People Nearby feature is not working on my phone anymore. I tried reinstalling Wechat and even clear the location and re-enable the feature again , but it is still not working.
    FYI, I’m from Malaysia and am using Huawei P20 phone.

    Could you advise on how to fix this issue?


  3. I am visible at people nearby , but i like to switch this option off sometimes as i get a lot of friend request specially when working in manila for all kind of naugthy services , can you tell me how to switch off this feauture , many thanks

  4. Hi there- I just want to find out if you aren’t in the App will people nearby still be able to find me or is it only when you are currently in the App?

    • Hello Nikita,
      When you are using the app, people nearby will find you. When you kill the application on your device, the app won’t able to see your location. So no one will see you at nearby.

      • This is a common bug which can’t be resolved more than 4 years by WeChat. You can follow all steps above. They have fixed some users problems about this. However it is not certain that they will work for everyone. All steps above have been generated in years because of our and user experiences by time. WeChat features are a little bit problematic and unfortunately WeChat staff doesn’t hurry to resolve these bugs and problems. WeChat shake had the similar issue as same as people nearby. It has also fixed for years later.

  5. People can’t see me on WeChat people nearby! I’ve two accounts. Using both of them in same device. One old one works fine. But in New ID People dnt see my id in people nearby and dont get my greetings. I follow all ur above mentioned 5 steps. Still same issue. Using iPhone 6s. Thanks

    • Hello Adha,
      This is a known problem of WeChat nowadays. Actually this problem is existing almost about 5-6 years. It is like a bug of the application at the moment. I am sorry for the problem you had. We recommend you to try first 5 steps above. This problem generally occurs because of mobile networks more than application itself.

  6. Hello Nessie,
    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, sometimes solutions can be outdated and we are trying to find out new fix ways for application errors. We have updated some steps in the content. I am happy that worked for you and we are glad to take a feedback for working fix regarding this problem.
    Have fun.

  7. My problem was about alias or GPS Satellites. I have done both ways on my phone and it is resolved now. However I am sure I have read this article a few days ago but I couldn’t see these information on here. Did you updated it?

  8. Shake method is not working in my account even i am open my I’d on another phone & i am alsp create new account.
    What’s the problem behind any body help me.

  9. I tried using WeChat Team chat help and tried uninstalling and reinstalling still I can not be found in other phones on people nearby. Please help.

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