People Cannot See Me at Video Calls on WeChat PC

There can be many reason of that, if you are facing with the problem while you are video calling someone with WeChat PC. We are going to tell you these reasons which causes this error to you on this page and we are going to tell you how to resolve this issue step by step. You can do the following steps for very Mac devices and Windows devices. However we are going to provide these steps for Windows OS below. You will need to find out Mac settings on your own. Let’s begin to mention how to do that.

Before we start to provide all these solutions to you, we have a recommendation to you for understanding who has the problem. If you are having this problem for only one contact, we recommend you to call another person to see if you have the same problem with camera. If you are having camera problem with every contact, you can read steps below. However if you are having this problem with only one person but not others. Your friend needs to check his/her settings.

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We will provide the information to you with different ways and headers below, if you cannot succeed at a solution, please go to next one. We recommend you to not to ignore steps we have told you.

Remove – Download – Install

Let us make a fresh start at the beginning. If you are also using the older version of the WeChat program, this solution will help you to resolve the problem.

1-) Uninstall WeChat PC from your computer. Start > WeChat File > Uninstall WeChat

2-) Click here to go to official website of WeChat.

3-) Tap on Windows PC icon or Mac OS icon on the website.

4-) Click download the have the newest version of the program.

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If there is any application, plugin or program that keeps your camera busy, your friends won’t able to see you. You will need to check your running programs and applications for this step. However if you don’t know how to do that, we recommend you to create a new user on your computer. This is going to fix this problem better and you will able to understand if any program is causing this problem with this step. However if you are sure that there is not any program or app which is running at your computer, you can ignore all steps below. However we recommend you to do it, if you are even sure.

1-) Click on Start (or Windows button in your keyboard) on your PC.

2-) Click on “Settings“.

3-) Click on “Accounts“.

4-) Click on “Family and Other Users“.

5-) Click on “Add Someone Else to this PC” button.

6-) Click on “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information” text next. That will help you save time.

7-) Click on “Add a user without a Microsoft account” next. You don’t need to have an account.

8-) Name the account, give it a password if you would like to do it. Click on next.

9-) Restart your PC and login to Windows with the new user you have created.

10-) Download WeChat PC or Mac OS from the official website with the new account.

11-) Run WeChat.

If these solution didn’t work for you, please do the following solution.

Latest Version of the Java

WeChat PC and Mac OS is using JS to run in your computer. If you haven’t installed this application to your computer yet or if you have an older version of Java, the application won’t work on your PC correctly. Unfortunately you cannot control if you have the latest version of the Java or if you ever have this application on your computer with Google Chrome and many other browsers. You will need to use Internet Explorer, Safari or Mac browser for this. (Not Microsoft Edge.)

1-) Search in your computer for Internet Explorer. If you are using Mac, you can try use Safari.

2-) Run the Explorer in your PC.

3-) Copy and paste this Java link to the browser:

4-) This is the Java’s official website for verifying the version of Java that you use on your computer.

5-) If you are using Java but older version or if you do not have Java at all, follow the instructions to download it.

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Upgraded Windows 10

If you ever upgraded Windows 8 operating system to Windows 10 on your computer, that can cause this error too. The official solution of this problem is:

1-) Hit Win+R (or select windows key and tap “Run” and select “Run” from the search results.)

2-) Add this to the Run field: %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\1033

3-) Click on Ok.

4-) Delete the “StructuredQuerySchema.bin” file

5-) Restart your computer.

Reinstall & Update Driver

Check your computer’s (or camera’s if you have purchased it separately) manufacturer website. There are always drivers of cameras on those websites. Install your camera drive which is related with your PC/Notebook/Mac/MacBook. If you know the brand of your camera, it will help you more. You can also download these drivers from trusted resources. However if you do not have any idea about what are trusted sources, we recommend you to stay away from that since there are many malicious websites.

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Alternative Solutions

You will also need to make sure about these:

1-) Your friend also needs to have the latest version of WeChat for a good communication. Otherwise camera won’t work for him/her too.

2-) If your friend also using WeChat PC, please also recommend him to take a look at solutions above.

3-) Both individuals need to have a good internet connection. If internet connection is slow at one of you, you are going to have such problems.

4-) Ensure that your/friend’s country hasn’t blocked WeChat Video Calling. There are many countries who has blocked video calls on applications.

5-) Ensure that your friend doesn’t use too many applications at background which will keep camera busy as well.

6-) Hit Windows key in your keyboard and scroll down to Camera section. Tap on Camera to run it and check if it is working. If it is not, it means you have problem with the driver. Don’t forget to close it after you check it.

7-) Ensure that your friend has reinstalled the WeChat application on his/her phone or PC or Mac.

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Questions and Answers – People Cannot See Me at Video Calls on WeChat PC

WeChat Video Call Not Working on Windows 10


Wechat video calls work fine on my mobile device, however on my laptop, I have the video icon and can click on the icon, the receiver is unable to see me. This is my first time using this app. I am using Samsung Note 8 and Windows 10.


Thank you for nice and hard question. To be honest such problems are very hard to fix but we have prepared very long tutorial for fix the problem you have faced. There can be several reasons of the problem you mentioned on your question. Besides maybe the problem can be because of the individual that you are trying to talk also…

The tutorial is very long but let me give you a summary on here to resolve the issue. If you don’t know how to do things here, I recommend you to go to the page I have suggested you above.

1-) Remove WeChat PC from your notebook and install it from the official webpage of WeChat.

2-) Please do not use any other program or application that uses your camera on your PC while you are video calling. Please also ensure that there is not any other application like this which works at background at your PC. To understand that easily, we recommend you to create another account on Windows 10 and login to Windows with that account after restart the notebook.

3-) Make sure you have the latest version of Java.

4-) Make sure that your camera driver installed correctly on your OS.

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