Password Doesn’t Work on WeChat

WeChat is one of the instant messaging apps on Android that is used by millions of users. The application is especially working well for Chinese citizens. However sometimes both Chinese and foreign users can have trouble with sign in to WeChat. If your password doesn’t work on Wechat, there are a few steps you should follow. Reinstalling the application is not going to help you to fix this problem.

Request Renewing Your Password

Well, this is very easy to get a new password for your Wechat account. Run the application on your mobile. When it is asking your password, tap on the “Forget Button” link. WeChat is going to send you a new message. With this message, you will able to renew your password on your phone. All you need to enter the password change code in the field after you requested a new password.

Password Doesn't Work on WeChat

Changed the Phone Number

If you are changed your phone number and trying to enter your account with your old phone number, it won’t be possible much. If you even try connect WeChat, the staff won’t give you any information for account security reasons. Because they will never know that you are actually owner of that account. So you won’t able to login to WeChat account. So there will be only option for you to use account.

Create a New Account with Your New Phone Number

Yeah, you can create a new account with your new phone number and get a new account. If you are lucky enough, you are not going to face with friend verification on the application. To register a new account you will need to use your new phone number. You will lose all your old data because you won’t able to recover your account if you changed the phone number and don’t remember your password.

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