Now You can Save WeChat Moments as Draft on iOS

WeChat moments are one of fun feature of WeChat Messenger. If you are using the app on an iPhone device, we have some good news for you. Now you will save WeChat moments as draft now.

You will not lose any data while you are in the middle of preparing a moment. WeChat has announced the new feature at 8th April and released it for all iOS devices.

What’s the profit of save WeChat Moments as Draft

There are lots of pros of this new save as draft for WeChat moments. While you are in the middle of preparing a moment, you can always have other things to do. So you will able to save your data and you will able to prepare it later. If you don’t have enough pictures for your moments, you can do it when you have enough pictures.

All you need to do is confirming to “Save this edit” via tapping on “Yes” button while you are quitting moments. You will need to tap on “Cancel” button to save your WeChat Moments as draft.

Get a brief information about the feature from the official source: What’s new in WeChat 6.6.6 for iOS

WeChat has released this new feature with the newest update of the application on App Store. The new WeChat version 6.6.6 has been released recently and it was the only feature of the new version.

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Now You can Save WeChat Moments as Draft on iOS

How to Save WeChat Moments as a Draft

You will need to do following for do it:

  • Go to moments and start prepare a memory of you with pictures.
  • If you want to complete the moment later, just tap on Cancel button which is located at the top left of the application.
  • A small window will appear on your screen and it will ask you “Save this edit”.
  • Tap on “Yes” to save it as a draft. Tap on “No” to remove moment that you are preparing!

If you are having trouble with WeChat Moments, you can see some of our troubleshootings on How to Chat Online:

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