My Friends Can’t Help Me for WeChat Account on Oppo A3S

We got a question from a How to Chat Online visitor recently. Our visitors has told us “My friends can’t help me for WeChat account on Oppo A3S”. His issue is about WeChat friend login. The popular and also terrible problem of WeChat. We will answer questions of our visitor on here and hopefully you will able to benefit from this if you have similar problems. This is the question we got recently…

I can’t logged in to my Wechat account in new Oppo A3S phone. I’ve asked my friends to verify my account by sending numeric password but that doesn’t work. Please help me to unlock my account.

Operating System:  Android
Application Name:  Wechat
Device Brand:  Oppo A3S
Tag:  My Friends Can’t Help Me for WeChat Account on Oppo A3S

My Friends Can’t Help Me for WeChat Account on Oppo A3S

I am very sorry about your current issue on WeChat and this is a problem that can be fixed hardly. It is very hard to find an eligible WeChat user to activate an account. Because there are some hidden requirements of WeChat for account activation. WeChat doesn’t mention about these on their documentation for this issue. If you couldn’t find anyone to activate your account, you will need to contact WeChat for this issue. Otherwise there is not any method to fix this problem with WeChat until they give up with their current security system.

My Friends Can't Help Me for My WeChat Account on Oppo A3S

Why Are You Getting This Problem?

It is unknown why are you getting this problem really. However it is certain that, people who are changing their SIM Card, region of the phone, bank account on WeChat Pay, reinstall Wechat, using emulators and proxy services. However these are not very often. Sometimes you can even face with this at the registration process. If you have any other question about this, please let us know.

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