How to Move WeChat Moments History to New Phone?

WeChat moments are one of the most important features of the app. You can take pictures of important moments of your life and you can save them on your account. You can also let people see those moments on the app. One day you want to change your phone and WeChat ID, what will happen those moments? One of our visitors would like to know how to move WeChat moments history to new phone… You can see his question below.

Hi, if I want to move my previous “Moments postings” on an iPhone to another iPhone with a different wechat username. Can it be done? If I cannot do the above to a phone, can I save my “Moments history postings” to a pc? Don’t want to lose my history of Moments previously posted. Thanks.

Operating System:  iOS
Application Name:  WeChat
Device Brand:  iPhone 7
Tags:  How to Move WeChat Moments History to New Phone?

How to Move WeChat Moments History to New Phone?

  • Open your old phone.
  • Run WeChat on your phone.
  • Tap + icon located top right on the app.
  • Select Add Contacts from the menu.
  • Add your new WeChat ID as contact.
  • And write something yourself.
  • Go to Moments.
  • Tap on a Moment to enlarge it.
  • Tap+hold on a moment to open menu.
  • Select Send to Chat from menu.
  • You will see a list of recent chats.
  • Tap on your new ID.
  • Send the message.

How to Move WeChat Moments History to New Phone

Transferring your moments with this way will take a long time, if you have too much pictures inside. However it is the simplest way to have your moments to your new phone.

Alternative Way to Move WeChat Moments to New Phone

  • Open your new phone.
  • Run WeChat on your phone device
  • Tap Me from the bottom menu.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Swipe down.
  • Select Switch Account on the menu.
  • Tap on + icon to add your old account.
  • Enter your WeChat ID and password.
  • Now you move WeChat moments history to new phone as well as account.

These is one of the most easiest way to move your moments on the application.

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