Can I Login WeChat without Phone Number?

Unfortunately you can’t login to a WeChat account without a phone number. However if you have lost your card, there are ways to make your account in safe. You will also able to recover your account safely with the tips, we will mention above. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please let us know via commenting this page.

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I Have Lost My Sim Card! Can I Login WeChat?

If you have lost your sim card but not phone, there is possibility that you can login to WeChat.

  • Run WeChat.
  • If you login automatically, do the steps below.
  • Tap on “Me” button.
  • Select Settings
  • Tap on My Account
  • Tap on Phone
  • Select unlink phone number

If someone else even gets your card, he won’t able to use your WeChat account now.

Lost Phone and Sim Card! How to Login WeChat?

If you have lost your phone and sim card, it will be hard for you to get your account back but you will need to make your account safe first. If you have any cash on WeChat Wallet, losing sim card may cause losses. Do the following:

  • Run WeChat at another device.
  • Go to WeChat Security Center
  • Freeze your account.
  • Apply to your service provider to get a new card with same phone number.
  • After you receive the card, unfreeze the account.

You can see our tips for unfreeze your account on here: How to Unfreeze an Account on WeChat

I Can’t Get Sim Card, What to Do?

If you can’t recover your Sim Card once more, unfortunately there is nothing to do for this. You can contact to WeChat about the situation, however don’t expect much. If WeChat could helped about these situations, messenger hacking could be very easy. To login WeChat web see: How to Login Web WeChat?

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