How to Use WeChat on iPhone and iPad at the Same Time

Do you want to use your WeChat account on two different devices at the same time? You will find some tips on how to use WeChat on iPhone and iPad with same phone number on this page. Sometimes you need the same account at different devices for some reasons. (Such as providing better customer support or talking to two different person faster…) This will help you to do that. Please don’t forget to do all steps which we tell to you on here. Otherwise the trick is not going to work for you.

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How to Use WeChat on iPhone and iPad at the Same Time with Same Phone Number

  • Download WeChat from App Store.
  • Install it to your iPAd.
  • Register WeChat with the same number.
  • Kill WeChat on your iPad.
  • Connect to WeChat with your iPhone.
  • Then run WeChat in your iPad in a few seconds.
  • Now you can use WeChat on iPhone and iPad at the same time.

Firstly we should let you know that it can take some time. We will do all steps with different headers below. Please do all these steps above until the reach end of the guideline.

You will need to download and install to WeChat to your iPad with the normal registration process. You don’t n


eed to do something particular for this.

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My Account Can be Blocked if I Use WeChat at Two Devices at the Same Time?

We don’t think that your account can be blocked because of using WeChat in iPad and iPhone at the same time. There is not any terms or rules of WeChat for this. All you need to do is avoiding things which can make you get banned from WeChat. Once your account is locked, it is very hard to recover it. However using an account in two devices is not of those… You are in safe…

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