How to Unlock WeChat Account

Your account has been locked and you would like to unlock WeChat account? You will find here a guideline about how to remove the lock from your account. It’s very easy. We are going to tell it to you step by step. There are a few reasons that your account get locked from WeChat.

This problem may occur in Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry devices because of several reasons.

Why Your Account Locked?

  • Stop using Android emulators. Because of using WeChat on Bluestacks like programs and software. App Developers don’t allow their users to use emulators.
  • Violation of terms. Due to violating terms and rules of the application. If you share unwanted pictures, videos, etc. on your account. Your account will be locked.
  • Unofficial version of WeChat. Also using unofficial version of the application. We recommend you to download and install application from App Store or Google Play.
  • Too many reports. If you also get too much reports from other users, your account get locked by developers of the application.
  • Suspicious behavior. WeChat is getting sim card changes, phone region changes as suspicious behavior.

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How to Unlock WeChat Account

  • Go to WeChat Account Recovery Page. Click here to go to Account Recovery. If you cannot receive the code you will need to go to application support page. Click here to go to Support Page.
  • Fill the form. Select an ID type. That can be your ID, Phone Number, Email or QQ ID. We recommend Phone number.
  • Select country and add your phone number.
  • Get the verification code from the website.
  • Enter the captcha characters.
  • Send the form to unlock WeChat account.

If you have already download the app from official webpage but you have unlock problem, you should do following steps:

     Chat Now   

  • Run the application.
  • Tap on “Forgot Password” link on the app.
  • Touch on “Security Center”
  • Tap on “Unblock Account or Features”

Second step didn’t work for you, then follow the third one or also take a look at Password Retrieval Failed tutorial:

  • If you have download your application from another site, you will need to uninstall it. We recommend you to take a look at our reinstall guide before you uninstall it. Otherwise you may get another errors in the future.
  • Uninstall all files of the app and go to Google Play.
  • Download WeChat and Run it.
  • This will unlock your account

That’s all you have to do for unblock an account on WeChat. If you have any question, you can ask us on here with the comment section. You can already find some good questions at the following paragraph. You can also add your review about out solutions. We will try to resolve your problem about this situation. However we can answer your questions in 24 hours due to busy program nowadays.

Questions and Answers

Locked WeChat Account, Unlock Instructions Not Showing in English


Downloaded the app through google play and had several important people added me. They are generally my colleagues. I sent one message to the company owner. It just told him that I added his account on the app. I haven’t run WeChat on my phone again. About 3 days later, I got a notification that my account was locked. All instructions to request an unlock are in Asian characters. I do not speak or read any Asian dialects. Please help me unblock my account.


Hello, have you ever tried account recovery page? You can take a look at following source. It is in English language:

To Unlock My WeChat Account


My account was blocked because I chat many people who I don’t know them. Suddenly I got a notification to log in to the app again. Then my account blocked by developers. I have done many ways to unlock my account but I just failed. Please help me because in this app have many important documents. That is why I can’t also delete the account.  Please help me!


Anyone cannot help you about this situation at the moment, if you have done regular things to unblock your account but WeChat Support. Unblocking your account will take sometime since WeChat is not very quick at support really. You will need to do following steps to unblock your account with the support:

  • Click here to go to page for unblocking your account.
  • Select your phone’s operating system from “Platform” section. (Select Android if you are using it or select iOS if you are using an iPhone, or any other option)
  • Choose your country from “Region” section.
  • Select “Account Security” from “Categories” section.
  • You will see a “Select” section just near of “Categories”, select “Account Blocked”.
  • In description you will need to give detailed information about your account otherwise they can ignore your request. Your phone number, your username (if you have one), your email (if you give that detail to support), etc. Request WeChat to unlock your account.

Then you will need to wait until WeChat staff respond your request.

Request Free Support

Go to Support Forums


  1. For those who are having the same problem…

    Unfortunately I had the same problem. When I saw people messages here, I decided to contact them in Chinese language. They helped me in a few days. How? I went to support page of WeChat with computer, I tap on Chinese letters located top of page. It made me go into the Chinese support. I translated my support message with Google Translator and asked for a help on Reddit. A guy helped me for proofread. I submitted it to WeChat and they unblocked my account.

  2. My account have been blocked. I don’t know why. I need to communicate with my friends for job issues. Please unblock my account. Highly appreciated for your cooperation.

  3. Hi there,
    It’s the same case for me. I have got no idea why my accounts has been blocked. I’m not posting anything when I started using wechat since few years back. Only communicating with working overseas partners and sharing with friends. I don’t know why I was been block for non compliance. Now I can’t contact my friends and my overseas working partners.

    Recovery messenger sent at least 5 times 3 days back but still no sign of recovery nor did anyone responding. Need urgent assistance to unlock my accounts. Thank you.

    • I have the same issue and I cannot set up new account also due to link mobile number . Wechat support team does not reply either . Did you find a solution ?

  4. Mobile number hasn’t registered for WeChat account… I am sad because I want chat with my friend… Please, please I hope you can help me…

  5. Hey, I used bluestacks to cam with my girlfriend becuase then I am able to use the webcam however my account was blocked for suspicious activities

    “This Wechat account has been blocked from login due to suspicious login, Tap “OK” for account activiation.

    When I click Ok it takes me to a white screen and it says “Loading” with a loading cyrcle. and this does this forever doesn’t stop nor doesn’t load anything? I used the third step and it takes me to a blank screen when I click next. can anyone please help me. I only use wechat to speak to my girlfriend and this is being a big problem as I lost all my memories and chat with her.

  6. I am having same problem.
    My account has been blocked due to suspicious login. I was using it on my smartphone for about 3 days and then it cot blocked for suspicious login activity. i was auto logged in on my iphone. I followed the process it recommends and comes to a place it says a friend has to verify me, so I only have like 2 connections, they do not receive anything to verify. I emailed wechat 4 times and zero response. so far not impressed with app..

  7. My account has been blocked due to suspicious login ?? I was using it only on my smartphone for just one week a few connections, nothing done wrong. I is impossible to unlock it, can someone help me with this, while most of my relatives are using Wechat

  8. Same issue, to unblock, when i submit my email to reset my password, its said “message sent”. but actually i receive nothing. i tried with different emails, they dont give me the message.

  9. It is really horrilbe to use Wechat. I want to remove but I made WECHAT Wallet 300 inside the account and there is no way to use this money to do things I wanted. Because of this little money, I can’t just forget and delete Wechat. Thus, there is no way that I can retrieve my account and there is no answer from WECHAT after I email them to unblock the account.
    What to do? why it is so hassle and difficult to fix?
    I wasted too much time to unblock the account. so hard and still can’t.

  10. My wechat was download from google play and i try all step but its not work i can unblock it so how i can do ??can you help me i have ppl to contact here and have no another way to contact
    Why this app was more bad after update many time
    Hope you can help

  11. My mother in law’s wechat account is blocked. After repeated the step 1, 2 and 3 as suggested, it is still blocked. When log in with sms and follow the prompts, when I get to the final stage of needing an existing WeChat account to unblock it, as all the contacts are not in china, therefore no credit card attached to the account, therefore none of her contacts are qualified to verify the account, so we are stucked in a loop. Please help!

  12. Which contact that i can refer to report my wechat account. Already try many time and do a report also. But nothing helped to get back my wechat account. My account already block due to suspicious account. Need the wechat account urgently.

    • Hello Ridwaan,

      We have updated the content for you, please check the third way. If you don’t able to resolve the issue with first two steps, you will need to contact WeChat.

  13. My wechat account which I downloaded yesterday is blocked. I have followed the steps to unblock it and its still blocked. What now?

  14. I have tried unblocking my account , its just showing loading for hours together in windows phone, please suggest what to do , its very important to recover my wechat

  15. My we chat account has being blocked. I didn’t do anything, so why blocking my account? What rubbish is that= This is my 3rd account on wechat they have blocked it again. If you continue this, people run away from you.

  16. My wechat account has blocked and I didn’t do anything. Please help me unlock my account, becasue I’m in the mood. 2 loggin now. Let me see all my friend and my pure blood brother and sisters.

  17. My account is being blocked for no reason. First, it said my mobile has been registered few times and cannot be used to register repeatedly, which is weird. I have always unlink my mobile number and created wechat ID and verified using email address. It shouldn’t prompt me message saying my number is registered.

    When I managed to create an ID, it got blocked. I tried to unblocked it by troubleshooting according to the steps by WeChat, even from tips from this link. None work!

    I want my account to be unblockes so I can delete my family album. If WeChat want to block it, I would prefer to delete family album and unlink my mobile number. I tried all possibile way, even it direct me to mandarin version, which I have no idea what it means.

    Email and sent feedback via google play and link given by wechat support but no reply or help from them. Its like they do not even exist! Even tried to unblocked via official website and none work!

    Please try & help me how to solve this.

  18. My wechat account had been blocked, I opened another account and it was blocked too. I use a blackberry Curve 8 and I download all my app from blackberry world. I don’t know why they keep blocking my account the next day I open it. I can’t open the wechat account. This is so annoying.

  19. I can’t freeze my wechat account in new device. Before unfreeze my account, I accidentally reset my phone so how to unfreeze?

  20. i reset my smartphone to factory default. after that i install all app from play store. now i login in wechat i forget my password so i use option by sms . then i got sms code . i key in the code in wechat. it login then it want to verify so open page friend wechat photo i tick wrongly. then again it state to enter 3 friend phone number . the it also disply the answer worng . now i can’t enter in wechat anymore.

  21. My account has been blocked.I didn’t do anything nor go against the rule.I can’t see my friends,I need to get back online as soon as possible

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