How to Report an Error to WeChat

Do you want to report an error to WeChat? You can do it easily on the web and you don’t need to spend too much time for it. You don’t get answers of your support questions with reviewing WeChat on Google Play. However you can get answers with reporting an error and contact to WeChat staff. There’s a detailed platform for you on which you can submit your problems with errors, updates and your devices. WeChat staff is going to give you support for Blackberry, iOS, Android, Nokia Symbian, Windows Phone, Mac and Windows. If you have problem with WeChat on one of these devices you will need to go to this link: WeChat Support

How will You Report Error to WeChat

You should be careful about these while you are reporting error:

  • You will need to write what’s wrong with your application in clear language. If you don’t know any of supported languages by WeChat, you will hardly get a reply for your error report. We recommend you to get help a friend of you, if you don’t know supported languages in WeChat.
  • You will need to add when did error occur on your device. So try to contact to staff as soon as possible whenever you get an error with application.
  • Add correct OS and version to submission form.
  • Give the correct details about your e-mail, country and any other contact information.

If you manage to fill blanks correct, WeChat Staff will going to respond you as soon as possible.

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    Hi wechat team I am invisible from people nearby can’t receive any message..hope you can help thanks.from Singapore..


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