How to Contact WeChat Support

If you would like to contact WeChat support, you will find useful information on here for how to do it. It is possible contact to WeChat Support for several reasons in several languages. You can contact WeChat for advertising, media, technical support and being partner to company. You can also contact to WeChat with your WeChat account too. We have already told you how to report an error and how to get a technical support from WeChat. In this page, you are going to get other details for contact to WeChat. You can click here to go to index page of support.

WeChat Technical Support Contact

You can ask various technical questions on here and you can ask WeChat to resolve your problems with the app. Please, click here to go to this support. You can also read our guideline to get more information about how to get support from the staff. Good luck!

WeChat Media Contact

If you have any media inquiry about WeChat, you can use this contact information. You will need to contact to app staff with e-mail. The contact mail is :

WeChat Business

If you are interested to do business with WeChat, you will need to click here. You can check offers of WeChat and you can contact with staff about your requests. There’s also a PDF file on the page. We recommend you to download it.

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Questions and Answers – How to Contact WeChat Support

Did not Get Any Response for Support Request from WeChat

I have sent 4 separate emails to the Wechat Security Help Center and have not received a response. I have tried to get fellow co-worked to log on and verify my account but it says they are not qualified to do so. Please I have tried many avenues to try and unlock my account (which is imperative to my work success) and have not had a response or any help .


Please ensure that you have filled the feedback form on the correct source. Please click here to go to the page. If you have filled the form from the link which we provided for you above, unfortunately you will need to wait. May be you can leave a review on Google Play for making WeChat staff to check your problem faster. This is an account issue and there is not any technical way to resolve this problem. (A new phone won’t even help you about the situation.) So only WeChat staff can help you to resolve it. However their support is very slow. We cannot guess when you will get the support from them.

Request Free Support

Go to Support Forums


  1. I am not getting people nearby i tries WiFi and my mobile data service both won’t work and also got my login on both iOS and Android but it’s the same. We chat support is in Chinese that I don’t understand? Need to know the solution

  2. I am from trinidad and tobago and i am trying to sign up for a wechat account on the app but it is at the point of verifying when it would say suspicious registration and i have tried to delete the app and try again but its saying the same thing. How can i fix this?

  3. I am from India when I was registering the app got closed but when again I am trying to register it is asking me for friends verification and I don’t know an friend on wechat. It is really complicated and irritating

  4. I had tried to reinstall. Had tried to rename my alias. Had tried to clear location data and caches. Had tried all the method mentioned but no one is works on it . So, what can i do ? Please advice. Thank you.

    • Hello Sweet,
      Welcome to our community. Well, unfortunately this is a kind of bug of WeChat. Some solutions are working for some users but not every time. I should admit that, this problem is existing on WeChat about more than 5 years and we keep getting several questions about this issue. If our solutions didn’t work for you at all, you will need to contact to WeChat as we have shown above and wait for their responses.

  5. Hi, verification issue! nothing in my email. I can’t even get pass login. ‘there is something wrong with his program! Can this issue be fixed?

  6. Hi , I made a new wechat ID with a new number and a new device (Samsung J3 6) and the functions shake , people around me and message in the bottle don’t work , can u please resolve this problem? Thank you

  7. Hi support,
    I have downloaded WeChat app several times now, it says an activation code is coming, but it never does. How do I get this rectified please?

  8. Dear Sir/Madam
    Unfortunately, my Wechat account’s features had blocked permanently. I tried to unblocked it several times, but couldn’t. I followed “Tencent Help Center”, but I couldn’t unblock my account. Once, I did logout from my account, then after even I couldn’t Login again. However, that account’s features are blocked, at least I need to Login again. Because, I need to find my friends’ account. Please, could I get kind support??

    • Hello, JK Bishwakarma.
      Unfortunately we don’t provide any support for WeChat. You can still ask for support with the ways we have written in the content above.

  9. Good day, I’m trying to register for wechat but the number that I want to register is not on roaming so I can’t receive the verification code. Is there any way to receive the verification code?

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