Please Help Me to Login My WeChat ID

If you are having difficulties to login your WeChat ID, you will find some solutions to fix this problem on here. This content created because one of our visitors has asked this question. He can’t enter his account on the application and he needs help about that. Actually his problem is not about login or registration. His problem is about security check process of WeChat. Here is the exact question of our visitor…


I can’t login my account. My account is blocked. Please help me to login my Wechat ID.

Operating System:  Android
Application/Website Name:  Wechat
Device Brand:  Samsung
Tag:  Please Help Me to Login My WeChat ID

Thank you for the question and welcome to How to Chat Online. There are thousands of people who are facing with the problem. We managed to fix some of their problems but we don’t have enough phone numbers to do this for everyone. You can see some advices to fix this problem. We hope that you will manage to login your Wechat ID once more.

Please Help Me to Login My WeChat ID

How to Login Your WeChat ID If It is Blocked

Firstly, you can’t fix this problem on your own if your account blocked. You will need to help for friend login on WeChat. If you can do, please reach one of your friends on WeChat and ask him/her to activate your account. If your friend doesn’t meet requirements, you will need to contact WeChat for this.

Unfortunately reinstalling WeChat or downloading it elsewhere is not going to help you. So I recommend you to contact WeChat for this. This is how you can login to your WeChat ID. There are some tutorials on internet which mentions that VPN can help you about this. However we have tried those steps several times and they are not working at all.

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