How to Have Chinese Friends on WeChat

As we have mentioned in our latest posts, WeChat is not only an instant messaging app. It is a wallet that you can pay, it is also a friend finder app, it is also a guide when you want to travel different continents of the world. There are various way to make new friends on the application. One of our visitor has told us that he wants to have Chinese friends on WeChat. We are going to provide information on that in this page. If you have similar questions, please feel free to ask us. Here is the question of our visitor…

I want to have only Chinese Friends on WeChat.

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How to Have Chinese Friends on WeChat

If you would like to have friends from China, WeChat and other Chinese social networking websites. We have already told you about RenRen before. You can try that website too. However we will tell you about WeChat on here.

Let’s see how you can have Chinese friends on WeChat.

  • Run WeChat.
  • Tap Discover in bottom menu
  • Tap Shake.
  • Shake your phone as described on the picture.
  • Search for Chinese people.

How to Have Chinese Friends on WeChat

You are not going to meet Chinese people at every single shake but this is a high chance to meet someone from China on the application. Since there are too much people from China on the application, you have a huge chance to meet people from this country.

Is There Any Other Way to Meet Chinese People on WeChat

You can download an older version of Wechat and then find a good VPN application which has Chinese IP on Google Play Store. Setup your VPN to Chinese IP and enter the people nearby feature. You will able to talk with Chinese people.

How can you install older versions of WeChat?

You can try download older version of Wechat from APK websites. However we recommend you to download them from trusted resources.

We have told you how to have Chinese friends on WeChat today. We will be with you with more information soon.

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