How to Get Money Back From Closed WeChat Account

One of our users forgot his password and his WeChat account has closed. We are going to answer his question about how to get money back from closed WeChat account. You can find detailed information with step by step methods below.

Here is also the exact question below…

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Question: Hello, I am Mohammed. My WeChat is closed and forget password of the account. I had some money in my account (Wallet). So what should i do for get my money back from closed WeChat account.
Operating System: Android
Application Name: WeChat
Device Brand: Vivo
Tags: Get money back from closed WeChat account, Closed Account

How to Get Money Back From Closed WeChat Account

1-) Visit WeChat support page.

2-) Click on the page which you will help to connect your WeChat support.

3-) Select your Platform as “Android” since you are using Vivo device.

4-) Select your region. That should be the same country with country origin of your SIM card.

5-) Please select others at the both field in the category section.

6-) Now you are the most important section of this whole trouble. Description part is very important to get your problem fixed by WeChat staff. Also upload a screenshot that you cannot login to your account. This is an example description which is written by us:

My full name is How to Chat Online. My WeChat phone number is +phone-number-here. I am unable to login WeChat at the moment. It is not a problem however my money is stuck in my WeChat Wallet account now. My registered bank account IBAN is AR76xxxxxxxxxx, and my registered bank is HCO Bank to my WeChat Wallet account. I have about 1800 Argentinian pesos in my WeChat Wallet account. Do you able to refund this cash to my bank account please? If you can’t, can you provide access to my account to get my money back?

7-) At step 2, enter your phone number, email address and pick email as preferred contact way to reach WeChat support.

8-) If you feel you are ready to submit your request, click on submit. Don’t forget to double check your form before submit it.

When Does WeChat Refunds the Payment

Refund issues are not a thing we have faced too much. Especially get money back from closed WeChat account issue is totally stranger. You will get the best answer from WeChat for this issue. However we don’t recommend you to hurry. You will get your answer in a few days from WeChat support.

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