How to Fix Freezing Problem on WeChat

If you are facing with freezing problem on WeChat, you can use our tutorial to get rid of this. This problem generally occurs because of low memory, low storage and bugs in the recent update of the application. With our tutorial in this page, you will able to fix freezing problem on the application. If you have any questions regarding this. Please let us know.

How to Fix Freezing Problem on WeChat

There are three stages to fix freezing problem on WeChat. You can find step by step tutorials below. Please start with first one and follow to instructions. If there is something you don’t understand about those steps, please leave a feedback to us.

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Remove Unnecessary Apps

  • Check storage of your device.
  • Go Settings > Apps.
  • Remove all unnecessary apps that you don’t use.
  • Check if you fixed freezing problem.

This will help you to get more storage and if you are there is an unused application which is running background, you will clean it. If it didn’t fix your problem do the following.

Clean Memory and Storage

  • Go Settings > Device Maintenance > Run Optimization > Optimize
  • Run WeChat.
  • See if there is freezing problem on WeChat yet.

If you don’t have any settings for improving your phone’s performance, do the following…

  • Download Nox Cleaner from Play Store.
  • Run Nox Cleaner.
  • Scan your phone.
  • Tap on clean button.
  • Tap on deep clean.
  • Select WeChat button on the screen.
  • Tap Clean Junk.
  • Close Nox Cleaner.
  • Run WeChat.

If you are using an iOS device, you can do the similar steps above. We recommend you to find an application with high overall rating though.


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This is how you can resolve your problem if you have freezing problem on WeChat. If you have any specific question about this or our steps, you can leave a feedback to us.

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