How to Login Old WeChat Account with New SIM Card

You have a new SIM card and you would like to enter your old WeChat account with that? If you would like to login old WeChat account with new SIM card, you will find some solutions on here. We have created this content due to a question of one of visitors on How to Chat Online. He got a new SIM card and he is unable to login to WeChat with the new phone number. If you are having the same problem with your old WeChat account, you can follow our tips on here.

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Question: Login Old WeChat Account with New SIM Card

My iPhone 6 have fall in the sea and I had made a new card Sim when I try to log in using mobile number linked my old account but still cannot be verified. I have try many way to get my account back but hopeless…

Operating System: Google
Application/Website Name: Wechat
Device Brand: ZTE
Tags: My accounts does not exist

How to Login Old WeChat Account with New SIM Card

  1. Create a new WeChat account with your new SIM Card.
  2. Login to your new account.
  3. Tap Me on the bottom menu of the application.Tap on Me - How to Login Old WeChat Account with New SIM Card
  4. Tap Settings.Tap Settings
  5. Tap Switch Account.Tap Switch Account
  6. Tap + Button to Switch Account.Tap + Button to Switch Account
  7. Enter your old phone number to login old WeChat account.Enter Phone Number

Important Note for Switching Account

This will help you to login with your old account on the application. If you can’t get a new account, you will need to contact WeChat for that. It will be impossible for you to login to old account since you were not able to connect to WeChat.

If you are also unable to reactivate old account. You will also need to contact to WeChat for this. You will not able to fix account issues on your own or external solutions.

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