WeChat Doesn’t Work on Android

We got many reports from some of our users that WeChat doesn’t work on Android properly. However they didn’t give any detailed information about their devices and problems that they have faced. We are going to provide for each WeChat problems on here. These problems are generally the most common ones. If you have any other specific problem with the app, please leave a feedback us. We will respond you as soon as possible.

Why WeChat Doesn’t Work on Android

Firstly let’s find out the answer of this question first…

If you are having one of these problems, you will find solutions for each of them on How to Chat Online.

Freezing Problem

WeChat is freezing. If WeChat is freezing when you try login to the application or when you use a feature of the application, you will need to reinstall the app. Don’t forget to backup Wechat before doing that. This is how you can resolve if WeChat doesn’t work on Android because of freezing.

Crashing Problem

Wechat is crashing. This is very similar problem with freezing. However you will need to do some additional stuff to get rid of this problem though. We recommend you to remove unused applications from your phone. Check your phone storage and if it is near full, clean your storage. Also stop applications which are running at the background.

Verification Code

Didn’t receive verification code. Verification code is another problem with WeChat. Users reported that they don’t receive this code at times. If WeChat doesn’t work on Android because of this, you will need to reinstall the app and ensure that you entered the phone number with right format. For example if you are from Norway, you will need to select your country, and then adding your phone number without 0 to at beginning of it.

Your phone number is 012345. Country code is +47. You selected your country as Norway and WeChat recognized +47 automatically. Now you need to add 12345 only.

Verification code doesn’t work. This is another trouble about WeChat that verification codes doesn’t work in application. If Wechat doesn’t work on Android because of this problem, you will need to request another code. If you are still having the same problem, you will need to reinstall the application. If problem goes on, you need to contact WeChat.

Friend Verification

WeChat friend verification. The last Android user bender. If you are new with WeChat, I am sure you will go like “What do you mean”. No worries, you will understand it soon. We recommend you to visit WeChat’s page Play Store and see complaints. This is one of those problems that can’t be fixed. Since it is something like phone number lock, you can’t fix this problem with reinstallation or any other way. If you are even new with WeChat, you need to find someone to verify your account. How to Chat Online loves WeChat and we openly support the application because it has awesome features and it has very good and friendly community. However we believe that WeChat should find an alternative verification system instead of this.

WeChat Doesn't Work on Android

We have told you why WeChat doesn’t work on Android in this page. We hope that, this going to help you a little bit. If you have any other problem with WeChat, please leave a feedback below.

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