Can’t Sign Up to WeChat

Another registration issue and again WeChat… Today we will research reasons of why people can’t sign up to WeChat and provide solutions for these problems. We hope that this is going to be a good guide for you if you are owning one of those devices. If you are using another device, feel free to ask us in our support page. We got a question from our visitors related this issue and we will answer his question about it.


I can’t sign up to WeChat with Sony Xperia, how to fix the problem.

Operating System:  android
Application Name:  WeChat
Device Brand:  Sony Xperia
Tags:  Can’t Sign Up to WeChat with Sony Xperia

Thank you for the question. Since you haven’t provided detailed information about the sign up problem, we will give some more detailed fixes about it. Please find the related the problem and try resolve your issue.

Known Issues with WeChat Sign Up

These are some known issues which you can face while you try sign up to WeChat…

  • Suspicious Login
  • Security Check Problem
  • Verification Code Problem
  • Verification Error
  • Virtual Phone Number
  • Friend Registration

Suspicious Login

Suspicious login issues are generally occurring when you are trying to sign up to application with VPN, proxy, virtual phone number and emulator products. If you are trying to use one of these or if you forgot to kill those services while you sign up WeChat. You are going to face with this problem.

Solutions for Suspicious Login

Security Check Problem

Security check problems are generally occurs with freezing the WeChat screen. The application gets stuck on the final security check and you will be unable to pass it.

How to Fix Security Check Problem

Verification SMS/Code & Errors

There are different types of this problem. Sometimes you won’t able to get the verification SMS at times. Sometimes you get the SMS but verification code doesn’t work on WeChat.

How to Fix Verification SMS/Code Problems and Errors

Virtual Phone Numbers on WeChat

Using virtual phone numbers while registering to WeChat is against terms of the application. Sometimes system of the application can detect that you are using a virtual phone number. However there are reports that WeChat can detect normal phone numbers as virtual phone numbers too.

How to Fix Virtual Phone Numbers

  1. Use a real phone number for your WeChat account.
  2. Get a special and paid virtual phone number.
  3. Get an international SIM from Amazon.
  4. Contact WeChat if you already try registering your actual phone number…
  5. Phone Numbers by Virtual Operators cannot be Used to Register

Can't Sign Up to WeChat

Friend Registration

This will be a really pain for you… Please see the following tutorials for this…

We hope that these are going to be useful guides to fix you can’t sign up WeChat with your Sony Xperia device. You can ask us if you have any other questions.

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