Cannot Install WeChat on iPhone

WeChat is one of those good application for those who have friends in China and also for those who wants to make business with Asian countries. However sometimes iPhone users are facing with some problems while they want to use the app. One of those problems is that they cannot install WeChat on their device. If you are having a similar problem on your iOS devices, you can see some of our solutions on here. We hope it is going to help you.

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Cannot Install WeChat on iPhone

If you can’t install WeChat on iPhone, you should do and check the following steps:

  • iPhone should have enough storage to install. (291 MB)
  • Download and install WeChat on App Store or iTunes.
  • Don’t have the app from unknown sources.
  • You need iOS 8.0 operating system in your device.

If you don’t do/have one of those options above, you cannot install WeChat on iPhone. If you don’t have any problem with those options but you cannot install WeChat yet, please see if there is any fact that stops the installation. This can be old files of the application too. So you will need to check files on your phone and other applications that can stop downloads and installs.

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Installing WeChat on iPhone

You can install WeChat to your iPhone devices with the normal ways as you do for other apps:

  • Go to App Store on your iPhone.
  • Search “WeChat” on the store.
  • Tap on download button to start it.
  • The app will be automatically installed to your device.
  • Run the application.

Cannot Install WeChat on iPhone

That is all you need to do for installing WeChat on your iPhone. If you think that the application is not available for your country, we recommend you to contact WeChat for this.

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