Blank QR Code Page on WeChat

WeChat QR Code is one of the most know problems of WeChat. Especially for those who are not installing the latest Java version to their devices. We got a question from one of our visitors about blank QR Code page on WeChat. We will answer her on here and also provide some solutions.

Question Hi, the QR code scanner will scan the QR code but the page then appears blank, i.e. won’t load. I have tried this on several devices – Google pixel phone, Oppo and Samsung. Same result. I have tried using a different networks. Same result. I have tried using a different QR scanner. This works, it loads the page.
Operating System Android version 8.0.0
Application/Website Name WeChat 6.6.7
Device Brand Samsung
Tags WeChat QR code scanner, WeChat Android, WeChat Browser

How to Fix Blank QR Code Page on WeChat

This issue doesn’t occur because of WeChat QR code scanner but the other factors on your other device that you want to connect. Each QR Code Scanners have different specialties and they work with Java. Java versions can be different for each QR. Using the latest version of Java is the best. I am going to mention about all those solutions for fixing this problem on here. I hope this works for you. If it doesn’t please provide more information to us via commenting this page because this is an important fact to answer your question correctly. (Such as where do you use the QR Code, on web? WeChat PC? or any other sources?)

Check Website Permissions

Please do the steps below if you are even using WeChat PC.

Run Google Chrome on your device (We recommend you to install Chrome if you don’t use it. Since it is the less problematic than many other web browsers when you use such stuff.)

Clear history and cookies on Chrome browser.

Firstly visit

Click on the secure text which is located near of the web address and then click on Site settings.

Blank QR Code Page on WeChat Step 1

In the site settings page, WeChat Please ensure that Flash and JavaScript are marked as “Allow”.

Blank QR Code Page on WeChat Step 2

Now you are done with site settings. Before trying to run QR code, do the following steps below.

Update/Download Java

You will need latest version of the Java to run WeChat Web/PC or other products which you can enter with QR on your device.

You will need to download Java from here to make it work on your device. Please, also update the Java from the same source.

Problems Related with WeChat

If you have also setup site settings very well, deleted all history and cookies with Chrome browser and using the latest version of Java, this problem can occur with a problem of WeChat.  We have tried to enter WeChat Web recently and got some problems with connecting to the website. We hardly connected to the website with QR Code. You can try reach to WeChat support for blank QR code page.

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