How to Contact Waplog Support

Waplog is one of the best dating apps of Android and iOS devices. However sometimes there are problems with the application and sometimes moderation of the app. Most of those cases, you will need to contact Waplog Support. We are going to tell you ways of meet Waplog support on here and how to contact them. If you have any issues with the content which we provided for you on here, please feel free to contact us. We are going to provide more information to you about contacting to the application developers.

Waplog Support

How to Contact Waplog Support

If you would like to send a mail or a post or if you want to make a call to the app developers, you will find all information about the application in this page. We will answer your questions gladly on here.

Email Support

You can send an email to Waplog to get a support from application developers. You will need to send a mail to [email protected] for this. Basically you will need to do the following to send an email to the company.

  • Login your mail service.
  • Compose a new mail.
  • Add [email protected] to the recipient email.
  • Add a title to your email related with your problem.
  • Write your problem with the application.
  • Send it to the app support email.

This is how you can send an email to Waplog Support.

Mail Support

If you are living outside of Turkey, this can be a pricey option for you to get in touch with Waplog support. However you can still send a mail them through their contact address. You need to write a clean letter to Waplog about your problem and send it to the following address in Turkey.

Contact Address of Waplog

VLMedia Inc. Universiteler Mahallesi

Ihsan Dogramacı Bulvarı Gumus Blok No:29 B K1-1

ODTU Teknokent



Phone Support

This is the most pricey option to contact Waplog since it is a company based on Turkey. You will need to call to company if you would like to have a phone support though. You need to call the following number to reach Waplog through phone.

Contact Phone Number of Waplog

Waplog Phone Number: +90(312)2101777

You can call phone number above to get more information with the problem you had. You can also get immediate support from Waplog staff. They are very helpful about that. If you have any questions regarding support of Waplog, you can feel free to ask us.

Request Support

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