Is Viber safe?

Viber is an app that allows you to make free calls, send texts, pictures, and video messages. This app can use both on smartphones and Pc. 

Thanks to the privacy settings in this application, you can use different features such as deleting messages, Secret Chats. Unlike most online messaging applications, you can delete the messages you have written from the other person’s phone with a single click. You can also use the Secret Chats function to hide your conversations from any other access. Start implementing your own security process by setting a secret PIN Code here. The chats that you hide from the settings will not appear in the messages section, so you will prevent others from seeing them. You can easily access these secret chats by using the pin code you have set.

The Viber app has had encrypted communication which means it has a secret key for transferring information. The messages get to the Viber’s server as an encrypted text that’s why nobody can read them. This encrypted code of messages is decrypted only when the phone of the recipient is reached and the recipient can view the message. So, even Viber servers can’t access users’ conversations. The only way your messages can get hold of is when your contacts are sent home. If a person copies your number and contacts, only then can they access your messages.  In order to avoid such a situation, there are a few security measures to be taken within the system.

Here’s what you can do to prevent your messages from being intercepted by others:

Creating a “Trusted Contact” list is the best precaution to take in such cases. If you frequently communicate with a certain person, you can hide chats and prevent messages from being reached by adding them to this list.

How Will You Do It?

Firstly, find the chat of the person you will add to the list from the conversation tab. And then, open chat information. Tap on the option at the top of the list, ‘Trust this person’. Then start ‘Free Viber Call’ with that person. You will see a lock icon during the call, tap on this icon at the same time as the person you are calling. Both of you will see the secret code on each screen, you need to confirm this code at the same time. When the code matches tap on Trust this contact option. With these steps, you will succeed in adding a trusted contact list.

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