Is Telegram better than Viber?

With the expand of common usage of mobile devices, many messaging programs have become competitive with each other. Two of them, Telegram and Viber, are racing to attract more users. It seems that Telegram has recently succeeded in discrediting Viber. But is Telegram better than Viber? We just try to compare both with some important specifications like user experience and modern usage capability.

There is no doubt that both applications have superior and weak sides by means of some little but important sides. Let’s look at these in a little more detailed.

Viber has More Users and Additional Features

Although Viber has more users and has additional features that are not available in Telegram, such as the ability to send free SMS. This may be important for some users while not for others, and the application size is slightly smaller than Telegram. Telegram is one more step further than Viber with its end-to-end encryption, which requires mutual approval. For those, Telegram is better than the Viber application, especially because it is ad-free and more customizable when compared.

Both Applications are available on PC

That’s OK: Both applications are available for Android phones. They are free of charge and can be used from the PC at any time. However, as mentioned above, even though the Viber application performs ad impressions to generate revenue, the Telegram application continues to serve as ad-free, such as Whatsapp.

Telegram allows you to see when the other user starts typing. Sending documents is easier through the Telegram app. You can make mutual calls through Telegram application.

Although Viber users are four times more than Telegram users, Telegram is becoming more and preferable with its new versions.

Summary: You may be an old Viber user, but we believe if you give a chance to Telegram App, you will realize that, Telegram has some small but important and useful improvements and continue to groove itself. 

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