Is it Safe to Use Viber

Viber application is at least as common as Skype and Whatsapp applications. However, Viber users naturally wonder if their personal information is secure. We know whatsapp encrypts conversations thanks to the “end-to-end encryption” algorithm, but it is not known exactly how it works, although viber says it uses cryptographic algorithms.

Viber Asks You to Access Some Data

However, when you install the Viber app on your mobile device, it asks you to access some data. You may not use the application without accept to these access requests. For example, the Viber application will ask you to authorize access to your mobile device’s contact list. Of course, this request is required for the app to list your friends to you, but the Viber app retrieves it and stores it on its own servers, whether you are a member or not.

You can also log in to Viber with your social media account information, such as Facebook or Twitter. If you choose this type of login, you will have all your information in the relevant social platform share with Viber. This is information such as your public profile or friend list. Even in more detail, Viber will also be able to access details such as your birthday, your defined e-mail account, which other accounts you follow, and your education information.

Viber can Check Your Calls and SMS

Viber can also check in the background whether you’re in an instant call, or if there’s an SMS received or not.

If you want to keep your information safe, you have no choice but not to use Viber. However, once used, Viber will still be able to access your information without any timeouts, even if you do not use it later. Therefore, you can prevent these by deleting your account in the security tab under the settings.

However, it is worth that almost all applications require certain levels of information. Viber doesn’t ask you too much or unnecessary access privileges compared to other applications.

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