How to Contact Viber Support

If you have some problems that you can’t resolve with any tutorial or troubleshoot, you will need to contact Viber for that. Viber is going to provide a better support for you more than any other support service, websites for you. In this page, we are going to tell you how to contact Viber support and how to send a ticket them. If you have any questions regarding contact to Viber, please feel free to ask us.

How to Contact Viber Support

  • Go to support page of Viber.
  • Select a reason to contact Viber.
  • Write your first and second name.
  • Add email and phone number.
  • Select your country.
  • Fill all required options.
  • Enter version of the app, phone brand and device model.
  • Send the contact form to Viber.

Basically this is how you can contact Viber support. Let’s give detailed information on these for different contact purposes.

Technical Issues

  • Go to support page of Viber.
  • Tap on selection under Inquiry category.
  • Select Technical issues.
  • Enter all required fields.
  • Give detailed information on the technical issue in the message field.

Technical issues are generally related with bugs, problems and errors of Viber. This is how you can contact Viber support for those.

Viber Out Issues

  • Visit support page of Viber.
  • Select Viber Out Issues in Inquiry category.
  • Enter correct information to requires sections.
  • Mention about the issue which is not related with Viber.

Request Features from Viber

Viber is also ready to listen your feature requests and you can do it through contact page of the application. You can ask for feature requests from devs and if your requests seems worthy, devs will start to work on that.

Privacy and GDPR Related Questions

If you would like to get support about your privacy on the application. If you also want to know how GDPR works on Viber, you can contact Viber support and ask your questions.

How to Contact Viber Support

Other Contact Types

These are other contact types that you can find on Viber app:

  • Live Support
  • Business Contact
  • Reporting Spam
  • Request Call History

Request Support

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