How to Unblock WeChat Account

Your account can be blocked by WeChat staff because of several reasons on iOS and Android. There can be several reason of this. Since account issues there is not much to do for that and there is not any technical way to get rid of account block of WeChat. We have mentioned some of reasons of this problem one of our recent posts. You can click here to check it. In this page we will tell you how to get your WeChat account back. If you have any other questions please let us know via clicking on ask us link at the below of this content.

How to Unblock WeChat Account on Android and iOS

Since there is no any trick to get your account back, you will need to ask WeChat support to unblock your account. You need to do the following steps for all iOS and Android devices:

1-) Click here to go to official account recovery page of WeChat. (For China please click here and follow instructions.)

2-) Select “Banned WeChat Account” type. Mobile number is the best selection on here.

3-) Select your country next and type your phone number below.

4-) Type your phone number for verification code, enter CAPTCHA characters and submit the form.

If your account has a serious issue or if there is a problem with the phone number, you won’t receive verification code. Then you will need to do steps below.

Alternative Way for Remove Block of WeChat Account

1-) Click here to go official support page of WeChat.

2-) Select your Platform as “iOS” or “Android” or any other.

3-) Select your country at the region section.

4-) Select “Unable to Login” at the categories section. There is another selection list near of the categories. You need select “Account Blocked” on this field.

5-) You need to tell your problem with detailed information in “Description” section. If possible, please upload a screenshot of the problem. Also tell them, account recovery page didn’t work for you to unblock your WeChat account.

6-) Type your phone number to the first field of Step 2.

7-) Write a valid email address to the email field. That will be very important since this is how WeChat is going to contact you.

8-) Select the type of contact at “Prefer Being Contacted by” section. This must be email.

9-) Submit the form.

You can also watch the all steps which we have told you above. This will help you more than texts and you will able to figure out how you should fill the form. We recommend you to do not expect a response from WeChat very soon though. They are a little bit slow at customer care. You can also see the questions below about WeChat, you can also ask questions:

Questions and Answers – How to Unblock WeChat Account

Can’t Unblock My Account on WeChat


I’m using WeChat and I don’t know why my WeChat account has been blocked. I can’t open or login into my account. My WeChat (ID removed by staff for security reasons) can’t Log in because of my WeChat account block. I am using iOS.


Welcome to our community. For the security of your account, we haven’t published your ID. You will need to do the following steps to unblock your account if you cannot manage to do it.

1-) Firstly please see for WeChat Technical Support Contact: How to Contact WeChat Support

2-) Go to support page and select your operating system as iOS on in platform.

3-) Select your country on the region section.

4-) Select “Unable to Login” in categories.

5-) Select “Account Blocked”.

6-) If you haven’t really violate terms of WeChat, please tell staff that you have not violated any terms but you have been blocked. However we recommend you to send an apologize message if you ever violated terms of Wechat and ask them to unblock you nicely.

7-) Type your phone number to WeChat ID (or Linked Mobile Number) section.

8-) Add your email.

9-) Finally submit your request to WeChat.

WeChat is not very fast for responding users. There are many people who are using this application at the moment. However they are going to respond you very soon after they have checked your request. If you have violated any term of the company, they will hardly remove your block.

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4 thoughts on “How to Unblock WeChat Account

  • September 20, 2018 at 8:18 am

    Please I have been blocked because of suspicious log in but only me and my boyfriend use the account in different sources.

  • June 13, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    I am using WeChat and my wechat number is… It has been blocked which I don’t know any reason. Can you please unblock it .

    • August 8, 2018 at 1:09 am

      Hello Tauheed,
      Welcome to How to Chat Online. How to Chat Online is not an official service of WeChat. So we can’t provide this service to you. As we have told in the page, you will need to ask this service from WeChat. They are only guys who will remove your block from the application. However if you have any other technical problem than unblock WeChat account, we can help you. Since unblocking WeChat account is an account issue, no one can help you for this situation but WeChat staff.


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