Top International Dating Apps

One of the biggest advantages that technology adds to our lives is meeting people easily from the room we sit in, and even establishing relations between the borders of the country. And the other good news is that there are many app options for people who want to make meaningful international connections, find new friends, and broaden their horizons.

This guide covers some of the top rated and most downloaded international dating apps to help you find the one that suits your needs and preferences.


Eatwith offers an incredible opportunity to meet people who share the most delicious passion: food!

The community in this application is a special and exclusive application that includes those who want to talk about food culture and eat together with locals in the countries they visit. Creating an account is pretty simple. Just go to the app, select the city you’re visiting and see what dining experiences are available.


Hinge defines it as a dating application, which is famous for meeting and communicating with strangers, and deleting the conversations and information it keeps within itself after a while. This is because the team behind Hinge dating believe you can find a long-term partner through the app thanks to the advanced matching technology used. As with the world’s most popular international dating apps, you can get Hinge for free or upgrade to a paid subscription if you prefer.


The OKCupid application has gained popularity recently, claiming that 90 million people are connected to each other annually, that is, they are in communication. Which almost leads to 50,000 appointments per week. This great app founded in 2004, it now became one of the most established dating apps on the market, with a user base spanning a wide variety of countries. It is also the 4th highest grossing app in the US at the time of this writing², allowing people to more easily connect at home or across borders.


Badoo is another international dating giant whose dating sites are part of the parent company. Badoo values honest dating and encourages users to show their true selves through their profiles and interactions. At the time of writing, more than 500 million people worldwide have signed up. As with Bumble, you can sign up for Badoo for free or upgrade to paid account for get more features. This amazing app based in 190 countries and has user over millions.

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