Top 3 Chat Apps to Make Friends

With Pandemic, our lifestyle and socialization motives have changed. Some of us continue to socialize with people they know, some of us are looking for new friendships because they want different energy in their lives, no matter what, we need different people around us from time to time to expand our circle, gain a different perspective and create joy.

Of course, with the change of our lives, face-to-face meetings are rare now, instead, people can meet people who want to make friends like themselves in any part of the world, on the internet, without leaving the zone of trust. Here are the 5 best chat apps to make friends.

Bumble BFF

Bumble, the BFF app, promises you a simplified way to create meaningful friendships. No matter where you are or if you want to expand your social circle, Bumble BFF will offer you the most amazing friendship possible.

Bumble presents the BFF edition with the success it has achieved in Dating, another application. To use the app, all you have to do is create an account with up to six photos and write a bio. You need to add your biography, your age, gender, and location parameters to the system in detail, and then you can see the profiles of other users and start scrolling.


Peanuts is a great and safe place to connect with other moms who have or have had the same experiences as you!

Thanks to the Peanut application, mothers can make friends more easily. When you download the application on your phone, all you need to do is add your region on the About section and create a profile about you and your baby. After that, you can scroll through the app and find other moms just like you!

With this application, moms do not feel isolated after giving birth to their children. This is an amazing platform where mothers can discuss their problems and help each other. If you want, you can send a request to the profiles you have chosen, send a message and get in touch quickly. But of course, we need to remind you that this application has been designed only for mothers to find other mother friends. 


Launched as a new app called Friended, it follows a completely different strategy when it comes to connecting people online. Friended was founded by Dan Kurani and Ben Chow, co-founder, and CEO of Thumb, who want to provide users with a deeper and more meaningful connection to one another. If you wish, you can now download this application for free and start meeting people.

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