Top 3 Apps To Find Your New Besties

Making friends as an adult is quite challenging. We’ve spent the last few years at home, especially as people generally feel like they have to live in isolation for health reasons because of the pandemic. This caused our socialization opportunities to disappear and of course, we became quite lonely as a result.

However, in order for people to feel psychologically happy, they should be around people and prevent them from feeling lonely. This is where various dating applications and sites come into play with the age of technology, you can easily make friends through these sites because the purpose here is just to meet and chat. Looks pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Let’s take a look at the 3 amazing dating sites on the list we’ve prepared for you.


Meetup is a platform that brings together people with the same interests as you and allows you to talk to them. If you install this application, enter your zip code and mark the things you are interested in, it will give you a list of groups of people within a reasonable distance of your interests.

What you have to do next is look at the information for each group to see if it’s right for you. For example, check the group calendar to see what kind of events it offers and how active this group is. However, not all groups are the same.

For example, it is difficult to find an equal number of participants in a tech community and a knitting community, and they do not meet that often. That’s why we recommend that you take a closer look at the groups and the activities they offer and join them.


This popular app makes it easy to hang out with friends and communities via your smartphone or by opening Discord in your browser or the desktop app for Windows or Mac. Connect with your friends and communicate with them as much as you want using video, audio, and text-based chat.

Thanks to this system, you can keep in touch with other players without leaving the game with the discord you will open while playing the game.


Users of all genders can find new friends only with the dating app Patook. The special Flirt detection algorithm in the software of the system deletes those who try to establish a love connection from the system, so you can easily and effectively communicate with users who only want to make friends. After installing the application, create a profile with detailed information about yourself and find new friends who have the same ideas as you, thanks to the interest matching in the application’s algorithm. If you wish, you can meet face-to-face with new friends you have made on Patook, or it is entirely up to you to maintain your friendship online.

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