This Person isn’t Available Right Now” is just a message that you get from Facebook Messenger or Facebook, it is not an error at all. There are multiple reasons that you get this message from the system and this is not related with your account at all. So don’t worry when you get this error and go on to use your account as you wish.

What Does This Person isn’t Available Right Now on Facebook or Facebook Messenger?

This message have several meanings and if you are getting this error from your best friend, it means you are in trouble.

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  1. If you are getting this error while sending your friend who doesn’t use a fake account / who doesn’t also phishing or spamming, it is highly likely that you have been blocked by that person and he doesn’t accept any kind of messages from you through Facebook. You won’t able to resolve this problem until you connect your friend with alternative ways.
  2. If you are trying to contact a user who has been use a fake account and detected by Facebook staff, you can get this message. Because his/her will be removed permanently.
  3. Phishing is another serious problem of Facebook and there are thousands of users who has accounts for phishing  on Facebook. These accounts are also get removed by Facebook staff.
  4. If the person you have messaged has spammed on Facebook, he/she can get removed by staff.
  5. If a user has been deactivated his account, you won’t able to send him message and get the “This Person isn’t Available Right Now” from system.
  6. The same message will come to you if you ever sent a message to those who are trying to delete their account permanently.
  7. The worst possibility is that your account can be deactivated by Facebook Staff while you are using Facebook Messenger and you won’t able to use messaging system.


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