Telegram’s Fake Application Removed from Play Store

We got a report that Telegram’s fake application “Telegram” has removed from the Play Store. Every users who has downloaded the application got notification from Google Play Store and there was a text that you are using a fake application which you can damage your device in the message.

The application has been published by a fake developer.

What’s a Fake Application?

Fake applications on Google Play are generally for phishing purposes. We recommend you to take a look at application’s developer and publisher before you download it. The fake application of Telegram have been released as a chat room for Telegram users recently and it was up in Play Store for a few weeks.

If you think that you are using this fake application, you can get rid of it with the following steps:

  • Go to Play Store.
  • Tap on the menu icon which is located in search box.
  • Click on “My Apps & Games”
  • You will see the fake notification of Play Store there.

If you are sure that you are using the application on your device.

  • Tap on hold on application icon on your device.
  • A menu will appear upwards of the icon.
  • Tap on uninstall

You can report such applications to Google Play Store anytime. You can also provide information to us through sending a mail to [email protected] and we can write it on our news.

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