Where does Telegram Save GIFs?

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Where does Telegram Save GIFs?

The location of GIF files can be changed, you can check the following OS or devices to see where are they saved. You can find tips for Android, iOS, Mac, Ubuntu and Windows operating systems.

Android OS

You can do the following to get your Telegram GIF files on Telegram on Android phones or tablets:

  • Go to “File Manager” on your device or download a file manager application from Play Store.
  • Open “Internal storage”.
  • “Scroll down” until you see the Telegram folder.
  • Tap on “Telegram Folder”.
  • Select “Telegram Images” from the folder list.
  • You will see your GIFs in this location.


Do the following to get your Telegram GIF files on iPhone and iPad devices:

  • Go to App Store on your iOS device and download a file manager application. See: File Manager Apps on iOS for Telegram.
  • Download and install the application to your device.
  • Run file manager application which you have installed.
  • Look for Telegram folder on your device.
  • Go to Images folder and get your GIFs.

Windows & Mac & Linux & Ubuntu

You will able to get your Telegram GIF images wherever you download Telegram on devices with Windows, Mac, Linux or Ubuntu OS. It is because you install the application to the same directory with download folder. We recommend you to check this file.

Where does Telegram Save GIFs?

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Telegram Web – Browser

If you are using Telegram Web on your browser. You can save gif files at any location you want. You need to do the following for this:

  • Join Telegram Web with your account.
  • Go to the chat which you want to save GIF file.
  • Right click on GIF image.
  • Click on “Save image as…”
  • Save the file to the location you wish.

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