How to Remove GIF from Telegram

GIFs are one of the most fun feature of Telegram. You can add and remove GIF which you like on the application. It doesn’t matter who sent that image to you. You can also easily insert and convert those videos to GIF and also save them to your device. Today we are going to tell you how to remove those images when you don’t want them.

You can find steps below about how to remove GIF from Telegram for Android and iOS devices below. This won’t even take your minutes. Since steps are same for iOS and Android devices, we are going to tell you steps for both devices.

How to Remove GIF from Telegram

  1. Run Telegram. Open Telegram on your Android and iOS device to begin our tutorial.
  2. Open a chat. Select one of chats on your Telegram’s feed page. You can also start a new conversation.
  3. Tap on emoji menu. There is a emoji menu at the bottom left of the app and just near of text field. Tap on that.
  4. Swipe left. Swipe left to emojis until you see the GIF icon at the top of your phone keyboard.
  5. Tap GIF icon. Tap GIF icon to select the image which you want to remove from your device.
  6. Tap and hold GIF. After you find the GIF, tap and hold onto the image for a second.
  7. Tap OK to remove GIF. Telegram will ask your to “Delete GIF?”. Tap OK to remove GIF from Telegram.

How to Remove GIF from Telegram

Can You Get Removed GIFs Back?

If you would like to save your GIFs securely, you will need to save them to your device. You can download GIFs directly from Telegram to your Android or iOS devices. However if you delete those images without saving them, they are going to be in cloud of Telegram. You will lose them whenever you delete account or whenever you remove GIF from Telegram. If you have Android device, you can check our guideline to save those GIFs to your device.

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