Pavel Durov is Ready to Donate Million Dollars for Internet Freedom

Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov made a statement on his channel on Telegram. He explained that he is ready to donate million dollars for internet freedom. Durov also added that those donations are going to take place for those who are providing socks5 proxies and VPN services. On Durov’s channel, he also mentioned about why Telegram has banned from Russia.

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Pavel Durov Giving Out Bitcoins to Companies Who Run Socks5 and VPN

I started giving out bitcoin grants to individuals and companies who run socks5 proxies and VPN.

Telegram’s CEO and founder has clearly told disappointment with the block decision. He also told this decision is because he refused the share encryption data of the application.

He stated that he started to giving out bitcoins to companies who are providing those services.

Telegram has been blocked by Russia government recently since Durov has refuse the government request to share datas about encryption of Telegram Messenger.

What did Pavel Durov tell on the channel:

Thank you for your support and loyalty, Russian users of Telegram. Thank you, Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft – for not taking part in political censorship.
Russia accounts for ~7% of the Telegram user base, and even if we lose that entire market, Telegram’s organic growth in other regions will compensate for this loss within a couple of months. However, it is important for me personally to make sure we do everything we can for our Russian users.
To support internet freedoms in Russia and elsewhere I started giving out bitcoin grants to individuals and companies who run socks5 proxies and VPN. I am happy to donate millions of dollars this year to this cause, and hope that other people will follow. I called this Digital Resistance – a decentralized movement standing for digital freedoms and progress globally.

What Has Happened Recently with Telegram Messenger

  • Russia has decided to block Telegram Messenger in the country.
  • Durov explained that Russia has blocked the application because he refused to share encryption datas of the app.
  • Russia has asked Google Play, Apple Store and Windows Store to stop provide application for Russian Users.
  • Russia has asked APKMirror to remove Telegram Messenger applications.
  • Some websites and companies started to support Telegram Messenger because of the block.
  • Durov started to invest companies who has providing internet freedom service.

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3 thoughts on “Pavel Durov is Ready to Donate Million Dollars for Internet Freedom

  • April 19, 2018 at 9:04 am

    I am also providing socks5 proxy service. Can I get donation for this? I see you supported Telegram, you got support for this from Durov?

    • April 19, 2018 at 9:09 am

      I don’t know how you can get the support really. I believe he is picking those services on his owns. Not with an application.

      We don’t want anything from Durov for this issue and we also didn’t know that he is providing such a donation. We don’t also provide any VPN or socks5 proxy. We just support internet freedom. What Russian government did against Telegram quite unfair. Founder of this website has decided about that since he also lives in a country which blocks freedom of internet as same as Russian government.

      • April 20, 2018 at 12:23 am

        Thank you for the nice answer, Laurana.

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