How to Backup Telegram Chat History

If you would like to get backup of your Telegram chat history, this guide will help you to do that. You will need a few items to backup your chat though. You will need your phone near of you and you will need a computer for this… I know, you will say “Oh wait… I can’t get backup without computer”. Unfortunately you can’t get backup Telegram because it is already backups it anytime. You will not lose any data if you even remove the application from your phone or if you sign out from the application. You will need to delete your account to lose all chats. So how will you backup Telegram Chat History? Let’s see…

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How to Backup Telegram Chat History

As we have mentioned before, you will not need to backup if you don’t delete your account. You can do the basic steps below to backup your chat history on Telegram…

  • Go to Telegram Web.
  • Select your country.
  • Enter your phone number to the required field.
  • Request verification code with SMS.
  • Wait for some time to receive SMS from Telegram.
  • Enter code to the field.
  • Now you entered to the Telegram Web.
  • Click on a discussion that you want to backup.
  • Copy all content on the discussion.
  • Paste it into a Microsoft Word or Notepad file.

That’s all…

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Questions and Answers

You can always feel free to ask us questions about backup Telegram chat history via commenting this page. You can also find some questions from our users below. You can take a look at those questions if you have similar issues.

I Would Like to Backup Through Application, There is not a Service for That?

We got this question from a user of How to Chat Online recently. The answer of this question is “No, there is no backup service for Telegram”. Unfortunately, you will need to do the basic ways to get backups as we have mentioned above. You don’t need a backup for re-installation or logging out of application though. So if you are not deleting your account, you don’t need any backup at all.

How to Backup Telegram Chat on Android or iPhone

You can backup telegram chat via using Telegram Web and your phone. Please see all steps above.

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