How to Download a File from Telegram

Telegram is a nice messaging application which has many users on iOS and Android. One of the main problem with the application is downloading files. We are going to tell you how to download a file from Telegram for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet users. We hope that this will be a handy guide for you. Downloading a file from Telegram is same for all devices, so we are not going to tell you this with separated ways. So it doesn’t matter what device you have.

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How to Download a File from Telegram

To download a file from Telegram, you will need to do the following steps:

  • Go to Web Telegram.
  • Select your correct country.
  • Type the phone number of your Telegram account.
  • You will receive a SMS for verify your account.
  • Type verification code to the field on Web Telegram.
  • Go to the conversation that you want to download a file.
  • You will see a “download” link just near of the file.
  • Click on that to begin to download.

Sometimes it does nothing when you click on download on Telegram. You will need to click on another chat in this situation and return to the chat which you want to download. That will fix the problem.

This is how to download a file from Telegram…

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How to Download a File from Telegram

What Kind of Files I can Download on Telegram Web?

You can download any kind of files through Telegram Web that you received through the application. You can download gifs, jpegs, pngs, docs, etc… However the way you can download image is a little bit different. You will not see any download link around of them. You will need to click on images with right click and click on “save as” to download images to your computer. You can transfer those files to your phone with email or web based messaging apps. (Telegram Web, WeChat Web or WhatsApp Web)

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    Thank you very much. This was really tricky. I have tried to download it to elsewhere with different strategy. I wish I have looked it. I was playing with Telegram Messenger desperately for hours to download a file.


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