MeetMe Pro Account Deleted: Can’t Restore Purchases

MeetMe can be problematic with account issues at times. Especially with random verification requests. One of our visitors has wrote us that his MeetMe Pro account deleted and he can’t restore purchases. We are going to answer his questions on here. If you are facing with the same problem, you can also read our answers for this issue. You can see the exact question below…

Question: My account has been deleted for meet me I don’t know who did it but somehow it was and I had purchased meet me pro and it will not allow me to restore my purchases on my new account was wondering how and if I could recover the old account.
Operating System: iOS
Application Name: MeetMe
Device Brand: iPhone – Apple
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MeetMe Pro Account Deleted – How to Restore

Firstly I should let you know I am not sure about MeetMe’s account removal process. If you would like to get your old account with all your data, maybe they can’t provide that to you. However they can still give an option to you for login with same email address or phone number. Since this is completely related with MeetMe’s user database, you will need to contact them via mail support. The mail support is: [email protected]

What to Write to MeetMe Mail Support

Firstly, please describe all of trouble you faced with your old account. Tell them your account has removed without any notification or reason. Give them information about your recent purchase on the app. Also provide information about yourself, your old account’s registered email and your old account phone number. The information about yourself should be your name and last name, your country and your age. Provide information them as much as you can because this will make things for you and MeetMe.

MeetMe already announced that, they are helping their customers with mail support. I believe they will respond a pro member soon.

MeetMe Pro Account Deleted Can't Restore Purchases

Will MeetMe Restore Purchases or Refund the Payment?

The answer is no and yes.I believe if they see that there is a mistake in the process, they can restore your purchases, or maybe even account… They can also refund the payment. However if you violated terms of MeetMe or if you also deleted your account with your own decision, there will be no refund or restore… If your MeetMe pro account deleted and if you also violated terms, you can’t recover anything about your old account.

This is What MeetMe told in Terms page:

Purchases of Subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferable, even if they expire or are discontinued. We may change the purchase price for Subscriptions at any time, as well as the features included in Subscriptions. We reserve the right to stop issuing Subscriptions at any time and to set expiration dates for Subscriptions. Subscriptions may not be redeemed for any sum of money or monetary value. If you delete your account or your account is terminated for any reason, you will lose all unused Subscription time without refund or other compensation.

See more information at:

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