MeetMe Invalid Phone Number: How to Fix?

Do you get MeetMe invalid phone number problem while you are trying to register an account or account verification steps? You will find some solutions on here to fix this problem. One of our users have asked us how to fix this error. His question is:

Yes, I can’t log on and it tells me to enter my number and it’s say it’s invalid but my phone is on and that’s my number. Please help me. It is the second time this happened to me. How to fix this invalid phone number problem?

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How to Fix MeetMe Invalid Phone Number Error

Thank you for the question. You will need to ensure that you have entered your phone number correctly first. Country codes are important at registration and verification process. For example if you are from United States of America, you will need to add +1 at the prefix of your phone. If you are from Germany, then you will need to add +44.

If you are sure that you have entered your phone correctly, you will need to verify your account via sending message to the developers of the article. How will you do that? Let’s tell you step by step.


1-) Go to your email provider and login to your email.

2-) Compose a new mail and add to the address field.

3-) Add your subject to the title field which should be related with your problem. We recommend you to not to leave it empty.

4-) You certainly need to give these information to the staff to verify your account through mail: Your country, your profile name and your registered email address to MeetMe.

5-) Also describe if you have any other problem with the MeetMe.

6-) That’s it. You will need to wait for response of the developers now. However we don’t know how fast they will respond your request.

You can also visit feedback page to contact them.

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