MeetMe Gmail Doesn’t Exist Error

You are getting MeetMe Gmail doesn’t exist error? We are going to provide solutions for you on this page. I hope it helps you. We are creating this guide for the request of our user. His question is:

MeetMe doesn’t allow me to login with Facebook nor Gmail. It says my Gmail doesn’t exist. How to recover my account?

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How to Fix MeetMe Gmail Doesn’t Exist Error

Welcome to our community and we apologize for responding you late a little bit because of technical issues. You will need to do a few steps to understand if your account has disabled or removed at all. If your account has removed, you will need to create a new account. If your account has been blocked, you will need to send a mail to MeetMe staff. Let’s see how you will do these.

1-) Please login to your Gmail address and Facebook account which you have taken the MeetMe account.

2-) Try enter your MeetMe account again and see the result for ensure that you can not enter to the website/application.

3-) If you have any friends on MeetMe ask him/her to search you on the application. If he/she can see your profile that’s good. You can recover your account. If they can’t, you will need to have a new account but there are some important facts for this. You can see this at the following paragraph.

How to Take a New Account?

MeetMe can be problematic if you enter to the website with a new profile and they can block your profile again. This is because they can detect your ID with your IP, phone number and email address. You will also need to clean all cookies of your phone, reset your internet connection and reinstall the MeetMe application.

You will also need to change your Android mail account before reinstalling the application. Please don’t also forget to clear cache and data of MeetMe app before re-installation process.

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Then you will need to get your account with a new email address or a Facebook account.

If you also think that your account hasn’t been removed, you will need to mail “” and give detailed information about your country, registered mail to the application and your name on the mail. Describe your problem well if you would like to get a fast respond. Please also tell them you are having MeetMe Gmail Doesn’t Exist Error.

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