MeetMe Account Verification Problem

There can be several reasons if your account needs a verify on MeetMe. It can also be because of the system of the website. We got a question about “MeetMe Account Verification Problem” from a user of us recently. We are going to answer this question on this page. Unfortunately this is an account issue and you don’t have to do much for this though.

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MeetMe Account Verification Problem

Why MeetMe asks for account verification? Let’s see the reasons first:

  • The most important one is MeetMe asks verification from their users randomly at times. It is because securing people against scams and fake profiles. It is highly likely that you are facing this problem because of this.
  • Shared illegal content on your account.
  • Sent disturbing messages, pictures or videos to people.
  • Couldn’t verify your account because of some reasons.
  • Violated terms.
  • Created a fake account. Also see: How to Spot Scam or Fake Account
  • You shared a copyrighted content. (A video, movie, music, pdf of a book, etc.)

These are some of reasons if you are asking why MeetMe locked me out of from website.

You can also get small information on this on MeetMe’s website:

How to Fix Verification Error of MeetMe

As we have told you in the first paragraph, there is not much to do against this issue since it is an account issue. There is only one way to fix this problem and you will need to contact to MeetMe for this through e-mail. However if you don’t explain much about your problem, this problem won’t last. If you are facing with the blank page problem, please see our tutorial for fix blank page problem.

Example Email about this issue:

  • Firstly go to your registered mail to MeetMe. If you registered with your Facebook account, please go to your registered Facebook mail.
  • Add “[email protected]” to the email address (To Section). Then do the following.

You will need to write a descriptive subject title of your email. Copy the example mail below and replace parentheses with your correct information. You can send it to support service.


Account Verification Problem with  (your username here)



My name is (name and surname which you use in your account). My user ID is (your username) and my registered phone number is (your phone number) I am from (your country). My registered email address is (your account’s mail) and I am already sending this mail to you with same mail. I am having problem with MeetMe verification because (tell why you are having trouble with verification). According to you can help me about account verification, can you please assist me about the issue?

You are having trouble with MeetMe verification problem with your Facebook account or mobile phone. Find the solution for resolve the problem.


Example mail for Verification Problem to MeetMe

You can check the example mail below… We have written the example support mail through Gmail. This is how your support request looks like:

You can use this example support mail for fix verification problem with MeetMe

If you have any questions regarding this subject, you can comment this page. You can also visit: How to Contact with App Support

MeetMe Account Verification Problem – Questions & Answers

You can ask us any question about account verification. You can comment this page and ask your questions any time related your account problem.

Meetme Keeps Saying I Need to Verify My Account


I can’t get to chat because it keeps saying i need to verify my account and it says invalid old password. I’m not able to get to my chats because it says first I need to verify my account. I give my old password then try a new password and it says invalid.


Thank you for your question on How to Chat Online Q&A service. You can resolve this problem with MeetMe and they already promise to help their users in these situations. You will need to contact to MeetMe with an email for this problem. Let us tell you how to do that step by step:

  • Login to your mail. (It will be good if you can login to your mail which you have registered to MeetMe because it will be trustworthy.)
  • Click on send mail or compose.
  • Enter this mail to “TO” section: [email protected]
  • Enter Subject “Account Verification and Password Issues”.
  • Finally, just type your name into the mail, type your country and the email address that you use on MeetMe while you registered. Add a message like “I would like to verify my account on MeetMe please and I cannot recover my Password on MeetMe. Please help me for password reset.”
  • Wait for the response of MeetMe Staff.

That’s all you have to do but we don’t know when does MeetMe response you about situation and you won’t able to fix this problem any other options unfortunately.

Verifying Phone Number on MeetMe


The app made me change my password after trying to change my password 10 times. It accepted one. Now it is asking me to verify my phone number. When I verify my phone number, it is telling me that it is an invalid phone number ?? How do I access my account so I can delete it.


This is an account issue and you will need to contact to MeetMe about this issue directly. Account verification is one of the most common issue of MeetMe. You can click here to learn how to contact MeetMe. Please don’t forget to give detail information on your profile. Mail them with your registered email address to MeetMe.

Did Not Receive Confirmation Code from MeetMe


I’m having login issues on meet me I put in the correct phone number and it still says it’s invalid and I have not been given a confirmation code.


Thanks for the question. MeetMe has officially supports such situation. You get invalid code error because you haven’t confirmed your account yet. You will need to contact to MeetMe support to activate your account. After you send the mail them, you will able to use your account.

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You need to do the following steps to contact to application representatives:

1-) Login to your email.
2-) Compose an email.
3-) Type “[email protected]” to recipient mail.
4-) Type “Account Confirmation Problem” to the subject.
5-) Add your registered mail (Or Phone. Or if you used Facebook account for registration, your registered mail to Facebook), the name which you have used on your MeetMe profile and your country to the mail.
6-) Write what kind of problem that you have faced while login to MeetMe.
7-) Send the mail.

MeetMe Doesn’t Send Verification Code to My Email, What to Do?


I can’t remember my login password and I keep requesting a verification code and it won’t email it to me. MeetMe doesn’t send verification code.


MeetMe asking for verification from their users randomly at times. It seems you are one of victims of that system. However MeetMe is also providing support for those who cannot verify their profiles. If you know your registered mail to, you can easily ask for verification mail. All you need to is contacting support. Devs has already stated that they will help to their members who has problem with verification.

You will need to do the following for verify your account:

1-) Login to your email address. (It will be the best, if you use your email which you have registered to meetme.)
2-) Receipt mail should be: “[email protected]”.
3-) Type “Verification Mail” to the subject.
4-) Add your full name (or the name which you use on MeetMe), your country and your registered mail address in the mail.
5-) Tell them, you cannot receive verification email and request the verification code/mail from meetme staff.

Now you will need to wait response of the staff…

Phone Number Changed Recently Cannot Receive Code from MeetMe


My cellphone number recently changed and when it asks for a phone number to send a verification code to. It just says My new number is invalid. How can that be fixed.


Unfortunately there is not much to do for this problem. If you have registered your e-mail address, you can recover it through mail but I think you haven’t registered an email. So there will be only option. You will need to mail to MeetMe: [email protected].

Please give detailed information about your phone number and your profile on the website to MeetMe staff. We don’t know how quick they respond mails but since it is an account issue, you cannot do much for that. It is highly likely that you will already get a negative response from them since it will be also a security issue for the devs. (We don’t know if they have ID Card verification as same as Facebook though.)

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