How to Verify Meetme without a Phone Number

If you would like to verify MeetMe without a phone number, this page is going to guide you. However there will be some consequences of this incident if you verify your account without a real phone number. We are going to mention about these at the last paragraph. If you don’t want to submit your phone number, these tips are going to be useful for you but many annoying things can be happen in the future. So we recommend you to register to the website with an actual number. You can also leave a comment to get more information about verifying MeetMe and other problems on the app/website.

If you are having problem after registration please see (If you need a new phone number, you can swipe/scroll down) : MeetMe Account Verification Problem

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How to Verify Meetme without a Phone Number

You can verify MeetMe without a phone number with the options below:

  • Go to Google.
  • Search for Free SMS Verification.
  • Go to a website which is providing this service free for their users.
  • is a good option for this.
  • Select a country from the website.
  • Select one of those regions and phone numbers to verify your account with a phone number.
  • Copy the phone number and add it to MeetMe phone number.
  • Wait for some time and refresh the phone number page to get verification code.
  • Add verification code to MeetMe.

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How Much It will Cost to You?

It is totally free and these are public services. Since they are public service, you may face with some problems which we will mention at the next paragraph.

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What are Disadvantages to Verify MeetMe Account with a Virtual Phone Number

  • Verifying an account with a virtual phone number will be problematic for you since others will see that an account has been created for MeetMe in phone number page.
  • If someone else tries to recover password from your account, he can’t do it with mobile though. MeetMe only provides password recovery through email.
  • Virtual phone numbers can be cancelled anytime and if you ever need another verification, you won’t able to do it again. Please don’t forget that MeetMe asks for verification from users randomly. It can even be 3 days later after you register.

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