How to Remove Recent Updates from MeetMe App

MeetMe Remove Recent UpdatesIf you are having errors in your MeetMe app, removing recent updates from your phone is the best way to fix errors. We recommend you to do that when you get errors after updates. It’s highly likely that resolve your problem with your application. We are going to give you information on how to remove recent updates from your mobile. It’s very easy and it will take your seconds to do that.  If you continue to get errors with your application, you can contact to developers. There are a few ways to contact with developers. You can send them mail and report the error or you can send them mail. You can learn how to contact them with our guideline. You can also get help from us if you contact us or if you comment this page.

How to Remove Recent Updates of MeetMe

There is only way to remove recent updates from your phone.

1-) Close the application on your mobile device first.

2-) Go settings of your phone.

3-) Select General and then Application Manager.

4-) You will see the MeetMe app on the list. Touch on the application.

5-) Clear all data and cache from application first. It will prevent your phone to give errors after removing updates.

6-) Then touch remove or uninstall updates button.

7-) Restart your phone and run the application.


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